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Towards A Cleaner Neighbourhood

Australia is a beautiful country that boasts an extremely high quality of life, breath-taking landscapes, stunning city skylines and wonderful beaches. For these reasons, most of its citizens would never want to live anywhere else and it’s also a hugely popular tourist destination. However, maintaining that beautiful image means keeping neighbourhoods clean, and that’s an area where everybody needs to contribute.

For the majority of the time, it’s quite easy to stay on top of waste disposal. People generally have adequate space in their waste and recycle bins to make sure waste overload doesn’t become a problem. However, in certain situations, this isn’t always the case.

Home renovations, for example, usually result in a huge amount of waste, including bricks, old furniture and general household junk. Oftentimes, all that waste can be left in a front yard for weeks or even months in the most extreme cases, and that’s enough to ruin the image of a street or a small neighbourhood.


Then there are those rare occasions when people get down to a little spring cleaning, and though the resulting waste might not be large in quantity, there’s likely still too much of it to simply throw in the trash. This is a situation where mini skip hire in Perth can come in very handy, and there are many more advantages to this service than just keeping a neighbourhood clean.

Advantages of Skip Hire

Mini skip hire by Westbin and other companies in the Perth area has the advantage of keeping both a property and the surrounding area clean and tidy. But it’s also a great thing for the environment, not to mention it makes life simpler for homeowners.

  • Disposing of waste quickly – Renovations and spring cleans result in a large amount of waste that can simply sit idle for weeks in a number of scenarios. Hire a skip, and the professionals will dispose of the waste quickly and efficiently, and the homeowner won’t even have to lift a finger.
  • Recycling responsibly – Skip hire companies have a duty to recycle waste where possible, and it’s a duty they take very seriously. They know – better than most given their industry – the negative potential consequences of unnecessarily throwing waste into a landfill when it could have been recycled, and that’s why the best companies endeavour to recycle as much as possible. That not only results in a cleaner neighbourhood but also a cleaner world.
  • Safely disposing of hazardous substances – Certain substances need to be recycled in a specific way to ensure safety, and those procedures aren’t widely known to the average citizen. Luckily, the skip hire companies know exactly what to do.

Skip bin hire is accessible to almost every neighbourhood in Perth, and it’s certainly the easiest way to dispose of waste responsibly and keep the area clean. The prices for this service are competitive, and on top of all the other advantages, it eliminates the need for homeowners to take multiple trips back and forth to the nearest tip.

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