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Decorate with the original entrance mats

How we welcome our guests depend largely on the success of the visit. One way to come into your home with a smile is welcoming them with the original entrance mats to decorate the entrance of your home, a doormat it fun, to talk about you and your personality.

And it can find rugs with your hobbies as protagonists, with funny sayings, stylish vintage , shapes and drawings … Then we see some ideas of how to decorate your door for anyone who comes to your house do so in a special way.

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Doormats phrases

We begin this review by the doormat world with those incorporating a funny, positive phrase, or simply welcome.

Doormats with forms

Doormats with forms are also a fun option. You can choose one of mustache, fruits; hearts, silhouette for your pet, as a cloud, star … There are plenty of possibilities!

Your hobbies

In the world of hobbies we can find plenty of original rugs. Since those reminiscent of our childhood shaped cassette tape, others allude to our favorite video game, your favorite series or city that you like. If you like traveling you cannot miss the mat which is like the panel of arrivals-departures at an airport. Also you can find referrals to film slate shaped, entry to the room or who visits you remember that film ET is your head.

Most geeks

They can not miss this review of geek’s original entrance mats doormats. There is always a gap for the geek in any decor! You can opt for a mat whatsapp, with phrases Yoda Star Wars drawings or perhaps only understand a computer …

Customize the mat

Another very original option and certainly unique, is to make a personalized doormat. There are companies that are dedicated to making it home this add to consumer tastes, but there are ways you can do it yourself, for example, through a smooth mat and placing on it a few templates with a picture you like and give paint to stay on the mat. You must buy special paints adhere well to the material of the mat and not be erased with the footprints. You can use a spray bottle of the type of paint used for graffiti, for example.

Patterned rugs

If you have kids you can choose any more infantile remind you of a fun way to be cleaned shoes before entering. There are also those who remember that older mobile not leave the keys or smile, or simply invite you to smile because they remind us that in our animal waiting favorite company.

Types of mats

The material most often used to make rugs is the coconut fiber, which cleans easily when you shake or use a vacuum cleaner. Also, rubber mats are also easily cleaned with a little soap and water, and being made ​​of this material is not so stubborn dirt is. If your house is on the field, the best solution will be the metallic doormats.

Now I leave you with the photo gallery where you will see some of these and other ideas to wear your entrance with a very original and funny doormat. This is all coming into your home with a smile and good cheer ahead, everything is contagious and always there to welcome the good energies…

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