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  • June 14, 2015
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Renew your small bathroom with modern decor in green!

small bathroom

You have a small bathroom and you feel that there is nothing to do in their decor? Do not lose hope, which the decoration in green comes to the rescue of your space. We give you the best tips to make your bathroom retains the freshness and contemporary feel badly needed. One of the trends for this year mark makes the bathroom a space for relaxation and meditation, trying to imitate the atmosphere of a modern spa. However, that task becomes more difficult when you have a small home or in your apartment suite. But do not forget about another trend that is even stronger, and that has more to do with the environment that transmits your bathroom. This year we get closer to the ecological, to nature and what puts us in tune with the Earth. That’s why between colors in this trend for 2013, the shades of green stand out.

  • March 1, 2015
  • Bathroom Decor
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Storage ideas for a small bathroom

small bathroom

Towels, toiletries, medicines and other hygiene products find their home in the bathrooms of our homes. The need to keep these items in an accessible and convenient place can be complicated if you do not have enough space. These tips could help solve the challenges of small bathroom space. You’ll be surprised where you can create place. The rear of cabinet doors Take advantage of all available space! You can place storage boxes to be subject to the doors where you can store cotton balls or cleaning supplies. Try to label each drawer to keep separate sanitary articles of detergents. ‘Floating’ Storage You have no floor space to add a cabinet or wall cabinet nor a built unit. Floating choose these tablets into any available space. Remember that the tablets come in a variety of sizes and many can be adjusted. Do not waste space under a pedestal sink where you can keep your
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