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  • December 20, 2014
  • Home Security
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Security measures to prevent theft at home

In times when movements are the order of the day throughout the year, is when we run more risk that our house is ransacked by thieves. Therefore, prevent theft always a good strategy to implement (and not just on holidays). We tell you how. Take care of the details for safety The first thing to consider is the most basic and is not to leave valuables in the door of the house or in the yard such as bicycles, scooters and other items. You also need to be careful with some simple details while important, such as failure to stop next to the dumpster large plasma TV box you just like to buy; You could lead to think you have a lot of money, and therefore your house would be a good target to aim when stealing valuables. Make sure that valuables are not visible from outside your home. Many people think that thieves
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