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  • February 22, 2015
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Advantages of pellet stoves

pellet stoves

There are still a few long weeks to the end of the winter, so it is important that we are well equipped to cope with the cold. So if there is something that should not be missing in households during this time of the year is a heating system that kept home away from low temperatures. One of the best options is pellet stoves, which is designed to take advantage of this fuel as economic: they incorporate electronics to achieve efficient management of its high calorific yield, optimize performance, and simplify management. Thanks to this type of stoves you can save on heating from 50% to over 60%. But that is not all! Pellet stoves hide a multitude of advantages. Do you want them to know? Great global thermal power One of the main advantages of Pellet stoves are that you it’s pure biomass. This means that the pellets are a fuel granules obtained
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