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  • December 30, 2014
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Tips for decorating your home in the New Year party

Christmas already happened but we still have the holiday of the year. If you’re entertaining the night of 31 and want a change from seeing the same house, do not complicate much just take these tips and see how quickly you manage everything for New Year party. Building details Get some Christmas decorations, the most striking and illuminate the home. Try also some arrangements with pine cones (pine cones), spray paint them with gold and will be super stylish. Place some ornaments with red and green thick candles, give a touch of gold glitters, put tape around the same colors or combined with silver and gold candles. You also have the option of using Christmas spheres and just need a cylindrical or rectangular tray to make the arrangement. Also with Christmas spheres of various sizes, and colors of gold or silver, depending choose any of them for your party, make a wreath for the
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