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  • December 13, 2014
  • Home Decoration
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Learn how to decorate with the new color trend

Since you’re a modern woman who always wants to know about the latest trends not only fashion and beauty, but also decorative, sure do not want to lose to know how to decorate with aqua which is the new color trend, right? Nothing we cannot help you narrow in our page. But let’s not waste more time and we will give you some tips. The color is aqua trend for home decoration and fashion because it is strong, bold, refreshing and provides the right balance between quirky and classic. Just like you, right? Anyway, what really interests us is that this color can carry out a sophisticated, bright décor simple and splendid in all parts of your house is. Let’s see… # 1 Bedroom An elegant way of combining is done with aqua beach colors like cream, some blue, white or khaki. There are several ways to decorate the bedroom with aqua, you can
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