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  • March 4, 2015
  • Flooring
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Marble, wood or ceramics: How to clean floor

Clean the floor is a daily activity in any home. We always try to remove dust, dirt and preferably after this stay a pleasant aroma in the air. We use various products, however, can damage some materials. If you have hardwood floors, marble or ceramic, do not miss these tips: how to clean floor. Marble floors Marble is widely used for floors and has the advantage that it is always brilliant, especially when there is no dust. However, we must be careful with cleaning, because the commercial products can damage; even vinegar can take its luster. It is best to use only water with a little soap (that does not contain bleach or any other additional substance). Maybe not want to smell like, but believe me not run the risk of damaging it and there are many more options to flavor your home.


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