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Decorating small balconies

decorating small balconies

Thermometers begin to rise and the timid sun rays reveal more and more. Definitely, summer is just around the corner. So, in the coming months, the outdoor spaces will become the protagonists. The terrace, garden, attic, porch … It’s time to fine- tune our outdoor spaces. Do you have a mini balcony and want to take advantage of this environment? Connect the balcony inside In large cities often find homes with mini balconies. However, this does not mean we cannot take advantage of this environment outside. Rule number one to optimize the space: connect environments. The open and shared spaces help us get the most out of small rooms. Therefore, we recommend connecting the balcony with some common space, either the dining room or lounge. So you will prolong your outdoor space and much more prominence charge.

  • February 8, 2015
  • Home Decoration
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Tips for decorating small balconies

decorating small balconies

The exterior spaces of the house are an excellent opportunity to take advantage of good times of fun and serenity. A balcony on the upper floors can even be like a real oasis relaxing, for which we long back after a stressful day at work. However, in urban buildings, these are often small spaces and impose many limitations spaces. It is still possible; however, decorate them nice and full of comfort form. Here are some tips for decorating small balconies. The trick is to maximize as much as possible all available space. Should make the most of every available inch, efficiently. To give the space a pleasant atmosphere, do not use furniture and accessories excess, which can lead to the balcony, seems too crowded. Add a few comfortable chairs, a chaise lounge, some decorative accessories and a small table may be all you need to make your home more cozy balcony.


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