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  • December 24, 2014
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Tips to clean plastic containers ever wanted to know

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to clean Tupperware because it is a pretty hard task if we allow ourselves to be, unpleasant. Unfortunately, we have no choice to clean the kid’s lunch boxes and containers in which we took lunch to work, but how we do it quite right? I always remained poorly washed, smelly or stained, well, a mess. So, I started looking and found these tricks to clean plastic containers now I want to share with you because I changed her life. Are you losing? Tricks to remove fat What a nuisance fat in the tupperware! I have two tricks to remove fat from plastic containers and the good news is that they are with things you already have at home. The first is to make a paste of baking soda with some water because this ingredient takes out the plastic goop magically. With a soft cloth, refrega this paste on your
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