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  • December 7, 2014
  • Bathroom Decor
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8 tips to make your bathroom spa look

It is estimated that we spend an average of half an hour a day in the bathroom, this must also add the fact that it is usually the first room of the house we headed as soon as we got up and the last we visited before bed so why not make a radical change in him? Dare! We tell you how to make your bathroom spa look. # 1 increased water pressure Change the shower head you have another that allows you to have more water pressure. It can be square, round, and even color format. Give yourself every day a relaxing shower. No. 2 Whirlpool The lack of space in the bathroom is not a bar to have a bath. You can use models that are installed in the shower and enjoy the pleasure similarly receiving a whirlpool in the comfort and privacy of your home.


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