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How to remove wax buildup floor

If your floor is developing a mysterious layer black or brown opaque, it is likely to have a buildup of wax. Floor wax can accumulate in cracks and lows causing an unsightly appearance that hides the beauty of your floor. Learn how to remove wax buildup floor.

Check that the black color or coffee is actually unsightly wax floor. You can do this by scraping the surface with your fingernail or a knife. If wax is actually see that easily scraped off. Many cleaning products have a wax that adds shine and luster to vinyl flooring or linoleum. These products protect the floor from stains leaving an almost impenetrable layer of wax above the floor, and substances that can stain it cannot come into contact with it. Several new flooring manufacturers recommend users not use wax products, since the floor has a protective finish.

remove wax buildup floor

If the protective layer of your old floor has worn away, or if it is designed for use with a wax product, then you will want to remove it between applications to ensure you do not get a buildup of wax to clean. If you have a problem, follow these steps to remove wax buildup.

Remove all the furniture in the room. If you’re working in the kitchen you might want to consider removing the refrigerator, especially if you see wax buildup below the banks.

Mix 1/2 cup of ammonia in a bucket of 2 gallons (9 liters) of water and use it to mop the floor. Ammonia enters through the wax and literally eats. The longer rest on the floor, the better your chances of eating accumulation. As the wax layer trappean need to rinse the mop in the bucket, as plain water can not clean as ammonia does. You do not want to spread the wax around so only puts the mop in the bucket and continues scrubbing the floor until the wax is gone.

Let the floor dry completely and visually evaluated to ensure that the wax is gone. You may need to mix another bowl of fresh ammonia solution to return to mop the entire floor once again to make sure the wax is gone.

Protect your floor from stains and add shine to reapply a product wax following the manufacturer’s instructions and use it sparingly.

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