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How to Paint a Marble Fireplace Surround

A marble surround fireplace adds visual appeal to an area of a house that draws attention. One of the marble choice of disadvantages is a natural stone is heavy and expensive to replace. An alternative to replacement is to paint on the marble. In painting, the feel of natural stone is lost, but you can choose the color or false even finished look to create a marble look. Preparation is the key to paint a marble fireplace.

Put a tarp or tissue beneath and around the chimney area to protect your painting environment. Use masking tape to cover the walls with canvas.

paint a marble fireplace

Clean the marble surface with white spirit or similar cleaning solvent based. These cleaners remove grease, oil, dirt, dust and other contaminants that prevents adhesion to the surface paint.

Dry the area with a lint-free cloth and inspect their work. If you find any cracks larger than 1/8 inch mosaic, filling them with epoxy glue PuTTY. These cracks will show through your final paint job.

The marble surface with 220 grit sand paper. Sanding is rugged shiny surface, so it is more acceptance of primer and paint. Make sure all sand surfaces that you need to paint. Clean the surface with a tack cloth to remove residual sanding dust.

Prepare marble surface with a primer designed for bright or shiny surfaces. Use a roller or brush to apply a thin layer of primer over the entire surface. Allow to dry the first coat and a second coat applied to ensure proper coverage. Allow the second coat to dry completely before proceeding.

Inspect the primer and touch up when necessary. When the primer is dry, sand the area again with 220 grit for surface preparation for painting. Clean the primer with a tack cloth to remove dust.

Paint the surface with primer semi or high-gloss paint. Dilute the ink according to the product instructions. Use a roller or brush to apply a thin layer. Allow the first coat to dry, then apply a second thin layer, sanding lightly between each coat.

Apply at least three thin coats of paint; This ensures a better and longer duration Union paint a single thin layer. You may need to apply more layers to get the best color. Allow the final coat to dry thoroughly for at least 24 hours before lighting the fire.

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