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6 Ideas to maximize room space

Do you have a small house? In that case, our article today you interested. We explain the secret to maximize room space and make the meters multiply.

The solution is to properly distribute our furniture and accessories, adapting this distribution to the shape and size of each room. You’d explain how!

1. Consider the shape of the room

It seems pretty obvious but sometimes we do not consider the shape of the room at the time of purchase and distribute furniture. If the room is rectangular, it is best to place the largest online furniture. While in square or irregular stays we recommend placing furniture in an L – shape. So we take the space and visually close the activity area of the room. A good example might be placing a sofa with chaise longue in a living room square.

maximize room space

2. Make room for the light

The well-lit rooms seem larger than they really are, unlike the dark rooms that are smaller. Therefore, in Decorablog we recommend placing furniture and accessories so as not to obstruct the passage of light.

The ideal is to have low furniture and place the larger embedded in the wall for the light to circulate freely around the room, without hindrance.

In this sense, the distribution of the elements of a room also should allow us to move freely around the room without blocking any access, clearing traffic areas.

3. Open Spaces

The open spaces are a great way to gain distance at home. By removing doors, partitions and walls potentiate the spaciousness of the rooms and we won meters. For example, an open living room or kitchen, and even a bathroom open to the dining room.

4. Take the corners

The corners also exist and offer many more decorative possibilities than we imagine. For example, we can put shelves, a closet or a corner shelf, a bank with interior storage space … The possibilities are many and very different but in any case, the corners offer us extra space that we must take advantage based on our needs.

5. The perfect furniture for every room

So simple and obvious. For each room, proper furniture. And how do we know if it is the most appropriate? Decoration experts recommend we take into account the proportions of the furniture should be related to the size of the room. One too large will steal space in the room, while a very small force us to have more auxiliary units to compensate.

Also we want to remind a very important small detail when buying furniture on the shop floor, appear smaller than they are. Even though we have measured the furniture, we must also take into account the volume of these. That is, a sofa may be small but also dark, tall and bulky, so we will steal space in the room. Therefore we must choose light pieces that bring visual lightness to the decor. For example, scandi style sofas with light legs and round tables with a central leg.

Furniture with wheels and convertible and versatile pieces also help us gain distance. A sofa bed, a bunk bed, a bench with storage space, a bed with trundle and, of course, furniture made to measure for each space.

6. The rule of thirds

Notes this rule because it will be very useful to make the most of every meter. Using pencil and paper, divide the room into three thirds. For example, if your living room is 15 square meters, you will have three parts and each of 5 square meters. Then you will have to add the size of all the furniture you plan to use in the room. In an ideal distribution, all the furniture together should occupy one of Thirds in which you have divided the room.

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