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When a person wants to change the look of the decoration of a room but do not want to paint the walls because you find it too boring or you may prefer to hide some kind of deterioration of the wall, the best choice will certainly opt for the papered walls. There are many ways you can use this type of material for the walls, since there are now many interesting designs.

You can choose large prints and wallpapering one wall as accent wall, or perhaps you prefer paper the four walls with designs and great colors that fit with the decor, possibly patterns and stripes call your attention … but only you can choose the style on your wallpaper to paper the walls and you can match the decor of the room where you want to use. If you lack ideas do not worry because today I bring some phenomenal you come to know.

papered walls

For any room

For much decoration with printed wallpaper it is only focused on doing in the bedroom because it is thought to be the best place to make it comfortable and cozy, but this need not be so. A wallpapered wall can be in any room that you want to make a difference. You can do it in the bedroom, in the living room, hall, office in your home, wherever you want! Although it is not recommended to do it in the bathroom or kitchen as the characteristics of the use of these rooms it is not recommended because it would deteriorate rapidly.

With natural motifs

Nature has always seemed incredible to decorate the walls with wallpaper motive. Papered walls with natural motifs will make you feel more relaxed and at peace with yourself because you are closer to nature and yourself. The nature invites us to relax, to feel relaxed as the typical colorful nature makes us feel good.

The grounds with colorful flowers, flowers of any kind drawn on wallpaper, plants, and trees … any natural reason have a dramatic effect on your home. The colors and design depend on what you want to achieve in your home, but always keep in mind the good color scheme for maximizing the features of the room. For example, if the room is small and you want to visually enlarge, then you have to look lighter colors for the wallpaper.

The papered walls with natural motifs are ideal for any bedroom (also children) as well as for classrooms. You can get an amazing and very sophisticated.

Animals and nature

Another idea that I love to paper walls is to do with the nature and motives where animals are protagonists. Forests, beaches, cats, dogs, and horses … whatever you want! If you like and think the combination is good, then it will be perfect for your stays.

For the little ones

For the smallest of the house, in addition to natural reasons you will also find a variety of models that you’ll love to decorate your bedroom alone only papering the walls. Can you get some amazing effects! For example, you can opt for a striped wallpaper patterns or with different combinations having a nice pastel shades to bring peace and comfort to stay. For example combining colors in yellow and pink pastel is a success, because later in the bedroom can dominate the colors hot pink, white and brown accessories.

Another idea is to choose fun ways to be like him to small or small room, for example by opting animals, cars, princesses … small or small choose!

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