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Solutions and ideas for shared bathrooms

Shared bathroom is not always easy. It is an intimate space we use very often and it gets dirty very easily, especially when used by several people. In this sense, hygiene and order are even more important.

We want to help and that is why we have selected a number of ideas to share a bathroom with your partner much easier. Enjoy decorating and equipping your temple break the keys that we propose below.

shared bathrooms

Duplicates items

If space allows, in a shared bath it is recommended to double all the elements for each person to enjoy their own space in the bathroom. In this sense, a sink with two sets of taps and their corresponding cabinets and drawers for beauty products and hygiene is a very interesting solution.

A dramatically enhances baskets made of natural fibers like wicker and rattan allow us to store towels each person separately. It is also important to place two separate towel to identify the towel and bathrobe each.

Optimizes and uses the space

In a shared bathroom metros are very important. The idea is to use the meters available and have more space for us. For example, choosing frilly furniture that lighten the space and shelves, shelves and wall cabinets that allow us to maximize space. The sliding doors are also an interesting solution to optimize space. With them the bathroom earn up to 1 square meter.

Unify decoration to gain breadth

Unify decoration using the same color and the same materials makes the bathroom seem larger. Here, parts like mirrors also very important. Reflecting the natural or artificial light, mirrors help us gain space and light. If we place so occupying the entire wall, the bathroom not only look bigger, but will gain in depth.

As for the colors, white, lacquered surfaces, transparencies and metals allow us to gain breadth, as they reflect light. Colors and surfaces that also help to decorate environments that convey a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Separate environments to achieve intimacy

Another great idea for a shared bathroom can be as easy as placing a step that separates the sink and vanity area, toilet and shower. With this simple gesture we will achieve delineate these two environments, thus gaining intimacy. Place a semi – transparent door also helps to get it.

And speaking of the shower in a shared bathroom a shower is the best choice for space. If we want to win luminosity, a glass partition will allow us to add meters. But if what we want is intimacy, opaque Cortillas are the best solution.

Everything in its place

Finally, we must not lose sight of the small details such as the supports for toothbrushes, organizers makeup, containers, boats … It is recommended to organize and save all these hygiene products and cosmetics separately, assigning a place for each person in the bathroom.

Order, cleanliness and planning

And speaking of order and planning, commitment to keep clean and tidy the bathroom is another as important as it may be the decoration and choice of furniture look.

Perform a cleaning schedule and assign weekly tasks allows us to keep track of this space. But if also did a daily maintenance of the bathroom, cleaning will be much easier and bearable.

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