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Tips for getting a Nordic style child’s room

Nordic style is fashionable. Proof of this is the success they are having some decoration and furniture companies from the countries of northern Europe, for example, the giant IKEA. The truth is that we not surprised at all that this style is triumphing, because although it is perfect for places where low temperatures prevail, it fits perfectly in homes anywhere in the world. In addition, it is ideal for all travelers. Today, for example, we want to talk about the room’s infant decorated in Scandinavian style.

If you are going to have a baby and you have to decorate your room or simply you want to give a change of air into the bedroom of the smallest of the house, we recommend that you planted the Nordic style, providing beautiful spaces, simple, magical and full of personality. Then we will give you some tips and ideas to help you produce a Nordic style children’s room. Would you like to join us?

nordic style child's room

White, the main color

If you want to achieve a truly Nordic children’s room there is one thing should be very clear: the target must be the main color. Perfect to enhance the natural light and visually expand the space, the target may be present in ceilings, walls and floors and furniture, accessories and decorative objects. Yes, it is preferable to add touches of other colors, whether they believe color contrast (black, red, yellow …), other neutral tones or pastel colors. Ideally, you add these touches of other colors through toys, textiles, some piece of occasional furniture or decorative objects.


Certain types of prints are also very common in decorating children’s rooms. Thus, we suggest that you include in the textile stay (curtains, carpets, cushions, duvets) incorporating prints geometric, stripes, stars, animals, clouds, moon … Of course, it is also good idea to include the prints through the wallpaper. In this sense, you should be aware that the reasons geometric often the most used. If the idea of wallpaper does not convince you, it is also a good choice to decorate the walls with stickers.


Moreover, it is important that you consider that Nordic style children’s room should be mainly functional and simple. In this sense must prevail furniture straight lines or other geometric shapes? Of course, you should forget about the pieces with many flourishes. In addition, you should know that the protagonist of this style material is wood, which helps provide warmth to the room. You can introduce this material through the furniture, floor and, of course, toys and decorative objects. Of course, keep in mind that it may be lacquered wood. Of course, it is not necessary that it is natural woods, and today can be found in the synthetic market with amazing furniture and good quality finishes.

Decorative objects

Finally, we talk to some accessories and decorative objects that belong in a Nordic style children’s room. For example, you should know that are very common carpets, cushions with shapes and dolls rag. In addition, in the Scandinavian countries often introduce decorative wreaths to give a touch of color to the room. You can opt even for light garlands. We also want to tell you about the tepees, those Indian huts like so much smaller house. While here do it yourself, you should know that many stores sell decoration.

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