Geometric Decoration Ideas

There for whom geometry is a must in the decor. Everything is perfectly aligned along complementarily perfect rhythms and lines defined by the location of each element are in a house. But today we will take a step beyond knowing the geometric decoration, a way of dressing the home that has great potential and is very visual and attractive.

Rhombuses, triangles and all kind of shapes to create environments with a marked personality, you can use these figures in furniture, accessories, textiles such as quilts, blankets, cushion covers …, in short, everything that comes to mind, and you’ll get to design completely unique spaces and certainly will appeal to all that you visit. Come, I’ll tell you everything.

geometric decoration


Incorporate geometric elements to the decor should not be done at random. Must think how to make the spaces are not to be recharged, strident or may dizzy, especially when we use this decorative style, for example, walls or floors through tiles that have very defined geometric designs. Therefore, it is essential to consider the proportions and make beautiful contrasts between geometric and more smooth and neutral zones.

The tradition of geometric decoration

Traditionally, the geometric decoration is widely used in the Muslim culture and ethnic styles, but now it has become fashionable with more modern styles that highlight the shapes and colors above all.

Geometric walls

They have their risk but a job well done gives a spectacular result. The simplest may be to place a painted patterned paper shapes and straight lines , squares, diamonds or polyhedra with beautiful color combinations that fit well together and do not give the feeling of saturation when we enter the room. You can choose, you see to the left, the same range of colors and fun to play with a rainbow through a gradient of intensity up and down as you can see in the photo at right. Do not you look great?

Geometric salons

Always looking for the balance and the right proportions to create a geometric decoration in the living room you can include details with straight lines in tables, vases, tables, or bet on a large rug with geometric matching stamped with a large painting on one of the walls, or other textiles like cushions. With those details and you’ll be giving much sense of geometry. Remember that visually should not overlap, that is, if you opt for a large rug and a large table, everything else must be very discreet if your geometric details are tiny, must place many well alienated to get the desired effect.


To make these contrasts you can also play with colors, by using very bright colors in geometric element to be the absolute protagonist of the place or using only one tone to create minimalist spaces. For example, using black and white for all the geometric elements you have in the room to visually remain unified.


Another way to play with geometry is through supplements. Cushion covers, crockery patterned argyle, photo frames, shelves, vases, lamps, tables and planters in polyhedral shapes, for example, be a great option if you want to give the room a unique touch to give straight lines.

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