How to design a closet man

With this article I do not intend to discriminate against women cabinets, but as a woman, I always see big differences in the closet of a man regarding a woman. The first thing that makes the difference is the amount of clothing, shoes and accessories that have a man; It is relatively less than the amount that women. Just for this, it is enough to design the wardrobe of a man is different from a woman reason.

Perhaps the men and women share the same wardrobe, but the space used within it will be different and therefore each party must prioritize a number of elements depending on whether the area used is that of a man or not is.

design a closet man

A man’s closet

A man’s wardrobe consists mostly of: suits, shirts, ties, jackets, sweaters and casual wear. You will not find many items as if you would in a woman. Nor have too many colors. Clothing of a man are generally longer than a woman’s clothes, so we already have the main point that affects the organization of man; you should have enough for their jackets and suits are well hung without wrinkling space.

The shoemaker

The Shoemaker of a man is simple: shoes around the house, dress shoes succeed footwear and daily wear. But you must have a place to store it and keep it handy whenever necessary. If there is not enough space or better to have it elsewhere for the smell in the closet, then it is best to have a shoemaker big enough so you can have the well kept without it is through footwear or disorder.


Many men wear belts in his pants but keep them will not be so easy. Belts must belong to an exclusive shelf for them. Or maybe you prefer the pants hanging in the closet and pants accompanied by his belt, so you know where it is at any time.

The pants

Pants that are not hung the can have on the bottom, in an area easily accessible so you can catch them without problems and differentiate from each other. Although the ideal is to fold pants in half and insert them on a hanger because it does not shrivel and also can always keep an eye and hand.

The shirts

Shirts and shirts hanging closet better. As with pants, so they do not wrinkle and always have on hand, seeing them more easily and can select the most want at any given time.

The cabinet configuration

Also in the closet you have to think about make room for other items such as scarves, gloves, caps, hats, socks … and any other element of your daily attire you need always at hand and ready for you.

Each of the cabinet shall be designed taking into account your clothing needs. Therefore, it is important that you determine what you be more productive and efficient as what your personal circumstances. It is worth spending some extra time to think about how you want the closet and design.

Thus when you want to dress or look a garment will be something easy for you and you can meet your own personal needs. You already know how you want your wardrobe from now? What is most important to you and design?

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