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Decorate beach house: keys seafaring decor

Although we are not in summer or have a waterfront home, decorating can bring the beauty of the coast to our most intimate spaces. Do you want to refresh your decor with the most seaworthy trends?

We want to help decorate beach house, even if you live in the countryside or in the heart of the city. Discover the keys to a 100% seafaring decor and with good views.

decorate beach house

Pickled wood and weathered paint

Waves crashing against the rocks and the smell of saltpeter bring us a decorative trend that cannot miss in a house on the beach: wood and weathered paint. As if the salt water had left its mark on them, wooden furniture with effect pickling give authenticity to the decor. Like the slightly painting, where the blue sky blends with natural wood. Imperfect but at the same time very close we got to the stage Beachfront pieces.

Blue and white

These are the two colors that should not miss in your beach house. White conveys purity, calm, well – being and amplitude. While blue cool decor, it helps decorate relaxing spaces and brings us the beauty of the ocean. Therefore, in our seaside house you should not miss the combination of blue and white.

You can choose to mix blue furnishings with pickling effect in an interior decorated mainly in white. Or you can turn to print sailor stripes to put the navy touch. Earth tones like beige and stone are also a great resource for decorative look with blue and white.

Shells, shells, lanterns…

Small details are important, as they put the finishing touch to the decor. Therefore, we invite you to a walk on the beach to collect shells, stones and shells. Clean them very well when they get home and use them to decorate glass containers, such as jars, bowls or centerpieces. And do not forget to accompany this design with some sand from the sea.

A simple DIY that will not cost anything, but it will help to give the final touch of style to any corner of the house. Ideal pieces to decorate the hall cabinet, coffee table, nightstand or hall console.

Another detail that can not miss in your decor? The candleholders and lamps that look like a lighthouse are essential pieces in a beach house. These accessories decorate and illuminate at the same time, simulate lighthouses guiding ships overnight.

Floor lamps or desktop tripod type are another must-have decoration of a beach house. Btw lamps have become very popular and we often also find in the interior scandi. Not forgetting the baskets and pieces in natural fibers such as rattan and wicker.

References to the underwater world

A boat, a surf, fish, fishing posters … All the maritime world inspired accessories are welcome at a beach house. Decorate the walls with them or any small corner of your home. And do not forget the pictures with sailors landscapes that are like open windows to the world that bring us the beauty of the beach destinations.

Exterior views

Of course, we do not want to forget the outdoor spaces that take on a special role in the beach house. The hammocks and plants and flowers help us to dress our inspiring outside beach house.

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