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  • June 5, 2016
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Ideas to decorate a small bathroom

decorate a small bathroom

Increasingly smaller houses are built. Something that is seen mostly in areas such as the bathroom, where harness and make the most of every available meter becomes an ordeal. Many people think that decorating a bathroom mini can be really difficult, but we know that the secret is to implement the right tips. Tricks as we share with you today to decorate a small bathroom. Take note! Colors: white, neutral and earth tones Before you start decorating, we have to worry about the basics: colors. If you regularly read you probably already know what colors will recommend you to gain space and light to a mini bathroom: white.

  • December 23, 2015
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Ideas for decorating with rugs

decorating with rugs

Carpets are one of those decorative elements that can help you dress very much any stay put where. With different sizes, shapes, textures and styles, they will get to create more welcoming, more relaxing, more elegant, more personality and more comfortable if you use spaces in the play area for the little ones in the house. Many possibilities! So today we’re going to reel off several ideas for decorating with rugs, because depending on where and how will achieve convey different things put in your home. You dare? Do not miss anything of what comes next if you want to print a lot of character to your home. Space dividing One way is to decorate with rugs use to differentiate areas of the same room. Suffice to put one in the eating, for example, a different one that put on a coffee table in the part of sofa, TV and relaxing color. If you
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  • October 3, 2015
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Keys bohemian decor

There is much talk Bohemian style: inspiring, with a romantic touch, trend … But what is really bohemian? We usually associate this term to artists and musicians living a style of free and different from the conventional life. However, bohemian can be any romantic, dreamy, slightly eccentric and a common life nothing else. Do you want to dive into this wonderful world? In our blog we want to share with you the keys of the bohemian decor. Bohemian lifestyle But before we start talking about this decoration, we should clarify a bit the real origin of the word bohemian. Although at present has a positive connotation, the term was first used in France to refer pejoratively to Roma coming from the region of Bohemia, in Central Europe, and carrying a lifestyle without ties and alien to the conventions.

  • June 17, 2015
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06 important tips for painting room

How have you felt in your room? Probably is the coziest place for you is not it? At least it should be! Understand this article done by the team of US mobile guard 06 important tips for painting room. Well, even if your room is already a very tasty room for you ever thought about giving a new face to him and paints your walls? This is a great small change that can give up on their quality of life. Paint can make your room a place even better, where I can recharge and relax. 1 – Choose the ideal color Decorators suggest that time to painting room, you should run away from strong colors like red, orange, yellow that are warmer tones can generate sensations and energetic stimuli, which are against the proposal for a more peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Cool colors are indicated in time to paint your room.

  • May 9, 2015
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Decorated rooms with purple

rooms with purple

The purple is a bold color, but which gives a very dramatic effect to any decor. We can find it in different shades, from soft lavender, through lilac and intense purple. It is considered a luxurious color, elegant and very showy and combines tranquility and serenity of the blue color, with the exuberance and excitement passionate red. Is associated with a more artistic and mystical side, is considered by some to have healing properties. In some cultures the purple is also associated with royalty and religion. We know that decoration rooms with purple is not for all but a few shades with lavender, for example, can be combined with more neutral colors such as white or soft green.


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