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  • August 3, 2016
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Decorate beach house: keys seafaring decor

decorate beach house

Although we are not in summer or have a waterfront home, decorating can bring the beauty of the coast to our most intimate spaces. Do you want to refresh your decor with the most seaworthy trends? We want to help decorate beach house, even if you live in the countryside or in the heart of the city. Discover the keys to a 100% seafaring decor and with good views. Pickled wood and weathered paint Waves crashing against the rocks and the smell of saltpeter bring us a decorative trend that cannot miss in a house on the beach: wood and weathered paint. As if the salt water had left its mark on them, wooden furniture with effect pickling give authenticity to the decor. Like the slightly painting, where the blue sky blends with natural wood. Imperfect but at the same time very close we got to the stage Beachfront pieces.

Ideas for a home bar area

home bar area

If you are someone who like having friends in your home to enjoy an evening in good company ideas I teach you today you will like very much. It is to install a home bar area, a corner in which to be comfortably chatting with them, enjoying their company and good drink prepared with care and designed to be shared with a relaxed conversation. With these proposals, plus you get to do it in a very decorative way. Are you ready for your visitors as they deserve? Not just a place for bottles With these ideas you will not only find ways to place your decorative bottles and glasses, but get design a thought to sit and be comfortable talking and enjoying your company area. A special cabinet The first thing you can do is put a special cabinet where to place these bottles and even the glasses in sight. These two ideas are
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Decorating small balconies

decorating small balconies

Thermometers begin to rise and the timid sun rays reveal more and more. Definitely, summer is just around the corner. So, in the coming months, the outdoor spaces will become the protagonists. The terrace, garden, attic, porch … It’s time to fine- tune our outdoor spaces. Do you have a mini balcony and want to take advantage of this environment? Connect the balcony inside In large cities often find homes with mini balconies. However, this does not mean we cannot take advantage of this environment outside. Rule number one to optimize the space: connect environments. The open and shared spaces help us get the most out of small rooms. Therefore, we recommend connecting the balcony with some common space, either the dining room or lounge. So you will prolong your outdoor space and much more prominence charge.

How to decorate walls with fabric

We are used to decorate walls with paintings, wallpaper, wall stickers and little else. In all these four options available they are and will be the most acclaimed and demanded by customers. But these options are the most requested by people to their homes not mean they are the best and you can not think of more. Did you know that the walls can also be decorated walls with fabric? That is, the fabric is a wonderful way to decorate the walls of any bedroom. You only have to know how to do well and to avoid damage ahead of time, you should clean them regularly to remove dust or dirt eo that may have accumulated in the rear. Fabric on the walls An idea to make it a wonderful wall is to pick an accent wall and decorate entire paper form. Instead, it opts for an accent wall, because if you decorate the
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Cheap Christmas Decorations Ideas

cheap christmas decorations

For some time, Christmas has become one of the most consumerist holidays of the year. The tempting gifts make us forget the magic of Christmas. And that is to enjoy the holidays is not necessary to spend a fortune. So we want to share with you some good cheap Christmas decorations ideas. Discover our selection of interesting ideas that you can decorate your fir and any corner of the house with cheap Christmas ornaments. Stuffed animals, candy and more We begin with the star of the holidays: the Christmas tree. Besides traditional ornaments can be purchased at any store at this time of year, there are many other possibilities within our reach.

Keys to decorate a traditional Christmas table

traditional christmas table

It is true that every year comes before. Christmas begins to feel the atmosphere in the illuminated streets with hundreds of colors in the shop windows already pouring off Christmas cheer … The countdown to the most beloved holidays of the year has started and we want to celebrate with you our blog. So in today’s article we propose some good and creative ideas for decorating a traditional Christmas table with the most basic and essential accessories. Surprise your guests and love as elegant as a creative and sophisticated decor. Centerpieces Decorative suggestions that we propose below are available to anyone. So do not be afraid, do not need a large arsenal of accessories and decorative accessories, nor will you have to spend a lot of money. Our decorative ideas are available to everyone and every budget. You join? Let’s do it!


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