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  • April 30, 2016
  • Wall Painting
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How to paint plaster walls

paint plaster walls

Would you like to give a change of scenery to your home but do not have much budget to reform or replace your furniture with new parts? For a good alternative it is to paint plaster walls. And, believe it or not, change the color of these elements can have a great impact on any room in the house, because the colors influence both the perception of space and mood of people. Although many years does the most common was to hire someone to paint the walls of home, more and more people who decide to do the work themselves to save some money there. And it is that the economic crisis is making mischief. If you are one of those self – educated people who are not afraid to face similar tasks, we recommend that you do not miss anything of what we tell you then, as today will explain how to paint
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  • March 19, 2016
  • Wall Painting
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Painting walls with metallic tones

metallic tones

We are used to seeing white-painted walls or other colors, but always known colors or give us good energy. Pastel colors, colors that contrast with each other or colors that give you emotional well-being are the most common, such as: white, blue, green, brown, pastel pink, pastel green, cream yellow, etc. But did you ever thought about painting the walls with metallic tones? If you want to get out of the ordinary and enjoy colors that you bring originality and elegance to the walls of your stay, then you can bet on metallic shades. They are colors that can also be used and if you like, why are you going to deny the opportunity to enjoy in your home? Do not miss today’s article because if you like metallic tones you are going to inspire! Where they fit best It depends on your personality or your way of seeing the decoration you choose a
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  • November 3, 2015
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Easy ideas to decorate your walls

decorate your walls

One of the things I enjoy most is decorating my home, even if not an expert on the subject, the fun is experimenting; no fear and put a touch of personality. When you have great imagination, you can see on your walls a blank canvas and some paint tricks between accessories and you can achieve true works of arts; as mentioned in the beginning, the key is to try and find a good guide on the web and how are you decorated techniques that I share below. To create textures To exit the routine, paint your walls with something more than the brush in this way will give texture and dimension, you can use the texture to highlight a wall from the rest, play with dimensions that your space is not seen as empty or simply something visually appealing.

  • December 31, 2014
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Myths that prevent you attract new and beautiful things for home

You’ve probably already read somewhere: the universe abhors a vacuum, and when he sees an empty space always sends something new to fill it. If you do not believe us, check again your closet or your library! They’re probably bursting with clothes, shoes and books. But what happens when you have too much of everything and still want to add new and beautiful things for home? If you want those things are not being manifested in your life, you have probably attract some myths preventing these new and beautiful things you want in your life. So today we’ll help you knock them down, so you make room for anything new that you want and deserve! Myth # 1 “I just need to lose a few kilos for reuse” Many of us tend storing clothes in a smaller size to that currently use it because we are sure that after the next diet, the clothes
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Ideas for painting walls red

If you are thinking of changing color parts of your house, we invite you to see these ideas for painting walls red. Perhaps the proposal sounds very bold color, but we’ll give you some recommendations for your idea succeeds. Red in the master bedroom One double bedroom, newly married, is the perfect place to ignite the passion, but you wonder how? Well, one idea for painting walls red. Not necessarily it must be the main wall rather may be a lighter shade. The red activates the senses of people and it is good that does not saturate too in your room, because this place is designed to relax with your partner. Paint the side wall of your room red and try the decor is broken in color for you.


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