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  • February 28, 2017
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How to Decorate a Room Your Kids Will Love

Designing a kids room is a lot more fun these days, thanks to the various manufacturers and designers of children’s furniture. You can find a number of product lines online that offer great features and cool looks kids of all ages will enjoy. If you’re planning out a new room design for your children, then the following tips can be used to guide you along. Putting Together a Play Area If space allows, you want to ensure your children have a designated space where they can enjoy various toys, such as LEGO blocks, video games, doll houses or whatever else they’re into. You can set this up with an organized station with drawers to hold all the items. A small entertainment center can be used to house a modern smart television with apps like Amazon and Netflix. The video game console can be used for this as well. Making the Sleeping Arrangement Fun The
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  • September 17, 2016
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Tips for getting a Nordic style child’s room

nordic style child's room

Nordic style is fashionable. Proof of this is the success they are having some decoration and furniture companies from the countries of northern Europe, for example, the giant IKEA. The truth is that we not surprised at all that this style is triumphing, because although it is perfect for places where low temperatures prevail, it fits perfectly in homes anywhere in the world. In addition, it is ideal for all travelers. Today, for example, we want to talk about the room’s infant decorated in Scandinavian style. If you are going to have a baby and you have to decorate your room or simply you want to give a change of air into the bedroom of the smallest of the house, we recommend that you planted the Nordic style, providing beautiful spaces, simple, magical and full of personality. Then we will give you some tips and ideas to help you produce a Nordic style children’s
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  • March 22, 2016
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Spring decoration for teen bedroom

decoration for teen bedroom

He said spring is a time of rebirth and is now likely that your teenager has started to be filled with joy and want to renew your room. Both your teens and pre adolescent children, you may want the new decoration for teen bedroom upgrades temperatures and capture a little more and better his changing personality. It is clear that you will not let so you can decorate at will, since maybe the result could be unattractive or serene, but can advise you so you can enhance your creativity in decorating considering some basic keys. At this stage of adolescence, children begin to spend more time in your bedroom, so you need to be careful look and feel to forward the decor is appropriate for their age. Remember that for teenage boys and girls, your bedroom is your refuge.

  • November 18, 2015
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How to enlighten children’s rooms

children's rooms

Good lighting is necessary in any room of the house, both with respect to natural and artificial light. In each room it has its importance, but in this case I want to focus on that should be in children’s rooms, which must be of quality, mainly for children to walk and play without risk of falling because of insufficient lighting. The stays are intended for use by children should have good natural and artificial lighting, and we must make the most of the first so as not to spend much of the second. Considering every detail, you permit your small have the best possible lighting in your bedroom. Use of natural light A good choice of curtains is essential to take advantage of natural lighting. They should be light colored to allow passage of light but tissues that trap excess heat and will not enter the room. Ideally they are adjustable to control light
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  • September 3, 2015
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Tips to decorating baby rooms

decorating baby rooms

Decorating baby rooms theory seems easy because small newborns do not “get hit” in terms of decor, but the reality is that is not easy to decorate a baby room although some tips are followed it can be easier than it seems at first. Small when no longer sleep in the parents’ room (cot or bed) need a room where they can rest. But before they are born small should already have your bedroom to store your things and that from before birth and have their place in the home. Parents have to know decorate the rooms of babies to enjoy these rooms and then your toddler that you can enjoy it. Want some tips to decorating baby rooms? Colors The colors to decorate the rooms of babies will be colors that inspire tranquility and sweetness. The more vivid colors can reserve them for when the baby becomes child and can pick colors that
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  • August 31, 2015
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Wallpaper for children’s room

children's room

Children’s room allows plenty of decorative possibilities. Today we will see how we can dress your walls with wallpaper, a trend a few years ago was relegated to oblivion because it seemed a bit old-fashioned but that has taken hold since their designs have been renovated and adapted to all types of stays. The bedroom of a child is a very appropriate place to put it, because we can play with fun for the little ones of the house prints. Can I accompany you and discover some ideas? Room Makeover If you plan to redecorate and give new life to your child’s room wallpaper it is an excellent choice. With investment you will get a new image for this room because you can play with lots of drawings, prints, patterns and colors to fill the room with joy. You can only put it on a wall or in all, I like more the effect
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  • June 30, 2015
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How to decorate a baby room

decorate a baby room

Around the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy is the time to start decorate a baby room. Know the sex of your child; it will help a lot in the choice of theme for decorating your room, although today the criteria allow mixtures. For example, the issue of Winnie the Pooh is used for both boys and girls. The same goes with the theme of bears, animals, gardens, sky, and others. But when the topic is timely as in the case of Snow White, Toy Story or Barbie, you can find the complete set of the issue in the sheets, the blanket, quilt, furniture, paintings, curtains, valances … all it has done to convert the nursery into a real set. The colors in the nursery The colors of the room are increasingly abandoning traditional blue for boys and pink for girls. Today many families choose beige, light yellow and even lilac. There are pictures
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