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  • April 16, 2016
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How to create a dining area in the kitchen

Family customs have changed much in recent years. For example, because the pace of life than most we today, few families gather every day at lunchtime: children do in the dining room of the school, many parents have no choice them to take one lunchbox, others eat in bars or restaurants near your work … so the dining room no longer has the importance it has decades ago. In fact, in many homes only on weekends or on special occasions is used. By contrast, the kitchens are increasingly used to eat. Eat in kitchen has many advantages (not dirtied the rest of the house, put on and off the table is much easier …), so it is an option that we recommend. And to put it easier, today we will give you some good ideas to create a room daily in this important room in your home. Would you like to join us? Tables
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  • October 17, 2015
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Key to illuminate the dining room

illuminate the dining room

When decorating homes and conditioning we have to consider many factors, giving them all the same importance as the key to functional and aesthetic spaces is hit with all decisions. However, in many cases we left in the background some key aspects, as often happens with the lighting , which sometimes is forgotten because they give more importance to furniture, wall colors, textiles … So, you know that lighting plays a key role in giving functionality to the spaces, providing life to colors and embellishments, establish certain mood climates, improve aesthetics and influence the perception of space. In one of the rooms where lighting becomes very important it is in the dining room. So today we will give you the keys to illuminate the dining room. Do we accompany you? Natural light How could it be otherwise, we will start talking about natural light, which is the healthiest and which allows us to save
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  • December 3, 2014
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Small dining room decorating ideas

Decorating a small room can be easier than you think. It is true that due to the limited space that accounts if you decorate it the wrong way, the dining room can be dreary and smaller than it actually is. For decoration is a success, we bring you some ideas for decorating a small dining room. How to decorate a small room One of the easiest ways to decorate a small room and make it look bigger, you know how to paint the walls in light colors. The most suitable for small room’s colors are white and cream color, but if you want to use other colors, you can choose pastel colors like green, blue, yellow and pink. Achieving a larger space effect or amplitude is possible if you paint the edge of the walls and trim with even lighter color than the walls, so the room will look much bigger compared to how
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