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  • August 6, 2016
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Ideas for decorating small bedrooms

decorating small bedrooms

The small bedrooms are much more cozy and intimate. The problem is that the lack of space limits us enough. Therefore, before decorating small bedrooms we must take into account a number of important aspects. The color, the shape of the room, the windows … we want to help you take advantage of your bedroom with great solutions for mini spaces. White and pastel shades If you regularly read our blog, you already know that light colors help us win luminosity spaces. White reflects almost 80% of natural light. Conversely, dark colors absorb light. So, based on this standard, one thing is clear: in bedrooms mini must escape the dark colors as well as bold prints.

  • May 24, 2016
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6 Keys to a bedroom magazine

Sleep is our temple, the place where every night we give our deepest dreams. Therefore, we pamper with special care the bedroom decor . The atmosphere of the house has to convey wellness, serenity and beauty. But also it must be practical and comfortable as possible to enjoy a well – deserved rest. You want to discover the secrets to an ideal bedroom? In this article we reveal the keys to a bedroom magazine. 1. Do not overdo decoration Our first advice is do not overload the room with too much furniture and accessories. Choose the pieces you really need and think well where are you going to replace. Sometimes it is preferable to choose large furniture, rather than several small pieces that end up occupying more space than we thought initially.

  • May 12, 2016
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Keys to decorating bright bedrooms

decorating bright bedrooms tips

It is truly amazing to discover the power of light. It can completely transform a space that, as if by magic, clears life, beauty, well-being and calm. A small, dark and boring room, full of life and breadth through proper lighting. In some rooms of the house and bedroom, light plays a very important role. Therefore, we bring you the keys to decorating bright bedrooms with plenty of light. Curtains, yes or no? A large window is an essential requirement to decorate bright bedrooms. So try to organize and distribute all the furniture and accessories in your room considering the layout of your window. Furthermore, it is important to avoid the furniture and fittings very high that hinder the passage and movement of sunlight. If you do not have space for a large window, we recommend you to locate the headboard of your bed back to the window. You will strengthen more so this
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  • February 24, 2016
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The Best Bedroom Decor for a Small Master Bedroom

master bedroom

A master bedroom is a sanctuary, a place to go to escape the demands of life, shelter from the storm. As such, the small spaces present a challenge. Do not want to feel like a sardine can stuffed into a can, crawling on his many possessions just to get to the door. The right master bedroom decor may feel like you’re in a spa. Warm and welcoming If the ideal room for curving in a friendly atmosphere and warm, use warm colors on the walls and bed. Examples of red hot colors, gold, terracotta and brown. Layer screens to add the room warm feeling. Layers table, curtains and cushions are good choices to achieve this effect. Open and airy If your life is quite warm and rest the ideal place for you is large and open, use colors like blue, green and purple. lighter shades give the illusion of more space. Keep your blinds
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  • December 5, 2015
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Decorate your bedroom antique beds

I have very clear is that the former always comes back and becomes quite a trend. A clear example is the antique beds have returned to stay and to fill a room personality and taste. When you decorate a bedroom first thing you need to think about is your comfort, but not only in materials but also in visual comfort, you must think that your bedroom should be pleasing to you. In a bedroom everything is important: the closet and storage space, the details, the colors of the walls and decor, textiles and textures … but the bed is always the centerpiece of the decor, without a bed cannot have a bedroom. And an old bed can help you have a bedroom of the most elegant and sophisticated. The bed and your comfort The bed is a piece of furniture should be comfortable for you, so that not only the structure is necessary but
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  • November 21, 2015
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Youth bedroom decoration for boys

youth bedroom decoration

When youth bedroom decoration, we must take into account that space will be like his refuge where they study, read, receive their friends and rest. Therefore, we must take into account their tastes while we look for comfort and a decor where the kids go to feel fully comfortable. Whether you want to decorate a room for your children or younger siblings, as if you yourself are eyeing decorating ideas for your bedroom, sure these recommendations will expose below will be of great utility. The important thing to know is that the bedroom capture the youth and informal footprint. Maybe you feel like decantarte more natural, or perhaps bet on the vibrant colors, but in both cases the person who dwell will feel more comfortable if you know that is an appropriate space to their age and their daily routines. Thus, colors, details, posters and pictures should know how to transmit youth and joy.

  • October 31, 2015
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Thematic ideas to decorate teenage bedrooms

decorate teenage bedrooms

Teenagers are at a stage of life in which the changes are what really have the role, revolutionized hormones and the search for its own identity will make it somewhat difficult to choose a good decoration for your bedroom. But if you really want to go wrong, do not hesitate to ask him what he likes or makes you feel better so you can take it into account when looking for the perfect decorate teenage bedrooms. Just as adolescent girls begin to wear makeup and pay more attention to fashion, young boys try to imitate adult men. Adolescence is a very special time for the boys and girls and they want to differentiate themselves and that we must convey in your bedroom, it will definitely become your special place. They need to discover their talents and head toward adulthood asserting their independence. Teenagers do not want to be perceived as childish and why now
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