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  • November 14, 2015
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8 Decorator Tips for Small Living Rooms

small living rooms

Living in an apartment, or in an older home with tiny rooms, can present a questioning: how to make your limited area seem larger. Try these easy tips for decorating small living rooms. Go Light Use light colors on the walls and floor. Softer hues can shuffle a cramped room feel larger and luminous. Hang a Mirror Place a mirror other a window and it will bounce light approximately the room, making the space feel impractical. The bigger the mirror, the better. Sprinkle in Some Metallics A shimmery lamp, light artifact, or object will have a similar effect as a mirror, reflecting light and brightening up a space.

Ideas to decorate a mini room

decorate a mini room

A small room can also make them match. Lack of meters is not a problem to decorate and make the most of every available space. We just have to decorate it with wit. In our article today we offer some interesting clues that will help you decorate a room mini. Let’s do it! Custom furniture A great solution to decorate rooms with few meters usually choose custom furniture and custom-made, to help us take advantage of every inch available. Although they can be a more expensive long-term option at first we offer a great solution space. If we talk about furniture, the great ally of the small rooms is the pull. These types of beds have storage space at the bottom that we can use to store blankets and clothes from other seasons. Recessed into the wall, these beds are a great solution for decorating mini rooms.

  • March 15, 2015
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Tips for decorating modern living room

modern living room

The room decor is basic because it is the space where they receive visits from friends and family or meetings are shared. You must provide a welcoming feeling for people to feel comfortable in the place. I therefore invite you to learn some tips for decorating modern living room. This is a special way to build more attractive spaces while you get a harmony in the interior decoration of your home. Color Scheme For the decoration of modern living room is necessary to have a neutral background to combine with bright colors and make more attractive and modern space. The walls and floors can be white to gray while furniture can continue with neutral colors like black or white and brightly colored accessories.

Tips for organizing living room furniture

organizing living room furniture

Decorate the living room can be a task that requires some care, especially with regard to the organization of furniture. There are many ways to decorate and also several choices to make in terms of furniture and accessories that best fit the available space. The decoration of an apartment needs to be well planned, always avoiding exaggeration, or run the risk of not be good or the environment seems too crowded and disorganized. If you want to get to know some tips for organizing living room furniture, then read this our article. Check out the decorating tips, already below! Flexibility How will proceed with the organization of the furniture will depend on you and the specifics of each piece of furniture. Most people have a sofa and a chair or two that we can position and relocate as needed. When trying to rearrange the position of each mobile in the room, make sure that
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