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4 Creative Deck Designs to Draw Inspiration from

deck designs

Building a deck can add valuable living space to your home and enhance the appearance of your outdoor area but if you’re considering adding a deck to your house and yard you should have a look at a few design ideas to make sure that the, shape, style and size you choose for your deck will work well with your home as well as your style. Take some time to think about what you will want to be using that space for and consider the things you will want to have there before you decide on a design. A deck can be so much more than just extra outdoor space so try to make the most of your project and turn it into a place that you really love. If you don’t know what exactly can be done to utilize the space there are some pretty creative ideas and deck designs to help you
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  • October 13, 2015
  • Interior Design
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Decorate with the original entrance mats

entrance mats

How we welcome our guests depend largely on the success of the visit. One way to come into your home with a smile is welcoming them with the original entrance mats to decorate the entrance of your home, a doormat it fun, to talk about you and your personality. And it can find rugs with your hobbies as protagonists, with funny sayings, stylish vintage , shapes and drawings … Then we see some ideas of how to decorate your door for anyone who comes to your house do so in a special way. Doormats phrases We begin this review by the doormat world with those incorporating a funny, positive phrase, or simply welcome.

Ideas papered walls

papered walls

  When a person wants to change the look of the decoration of a room but do not want to paint the walls because you find it too boring or you may prefer to hide some kind of deterioration of the wall, the best choice will certainly opt for the papered walls. There are many ways you can use this type of material for the walls, since there are now many interesting designs. You can choose large prints and wallpapering one wall as accent wall, or perhaps you prefer paper the four walls with designs and great colors that fit with the decor, possibly patterns and stripes call your attention … but only you can choose the style on your wallpaper to paper the walls and you can match the decor of the room where you want to use. If you lack ideas do not worry because today I bring some phenomenal you come
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Geometric Decoration Ideas

geometric decoration

There for whom geometry is a must in the decor. Everything is perfectly aligned along complementarily perfect rhythms and lines defined by the location of each element are in a house. But today we will take a step beyond knowing the geometric decoration, a way of dressing the home that has great potential and is very visual and attractive. Rhombuses, triangles and all kind of shapes to create environments with a marked personality, you can use these figures in furniture, accessories, textiles such as quilts, blankets, cushion covers …, in short, everything that comes to mind, and you’ll get to design completely unique spaces and certainly will appeal to all that you visit. Come, I’ll tell you everything. Proportions Incorporate geometric elements to the decor should not be done at random. Must think how to make the spaces are not to be recharged, strident or may dizzy, especially when we use this decorative style,
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  • May 10, 2015
  • Interior Design
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Interior design with modern lighting

modern lighting

One of the very important factors in the interior of every home is enlightenment, more so when it comes to the decoration of modern interiors where you have to use in priority on lighting with an innovative style. So you know how to get well-lit spaces, then I leave you with some ideas and keys to the interior with modern lighting. The decor within the interior not only use it to improve the style or achieve a more aesthetic space, but it is also because it is important to make the space more functional and can be done overnight use as otherwise at night no one could make any interior space because everything would be in darkness. Illuminates the room For the decoration of the room look more original and elegant I recommend you opt to use a modular lighting for the roof is composed of pizzas shaped and you have to go from
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  • May 3, 2015
  • Interior Design
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How to be a successful interior designer

interior designer

Being interior designer is not something like a breeze, it is a job that many people crave but can get done with effort and perseverance. For interior designer not only you need to know what the basic knowledge that you have acquired with little experience, a broad knowledge base, experience and a constant recycling of new trends is needed. If you want to succeed in the field of interior design, you have to have patience, empathy and other aspects that will help you play your career successfully. Want to know some tips to make your career take off? Read on. Communication is imperative To become a successful designer, besides having good knowledge and experience you need to stay on top of everything and that can only be achieved by working with other designers, architects, merchants, landlords, employers, etc. You will also have to keep abreast of conferences, trade shows, and social networks and have
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