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  • June 29, 2016
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The best materials for exterior gardening

With the arrival of summer, our outdoor spaces begin to take center stage. Who wants to be indoors, enjoying the fresh air during the hottest days of summer? However, if we want to enjoy a cozy and well equipped exterior, there is a fundamental aspect that we should not neglect: the choice of materials. You have doubts? You do not know what to choose? we explain what are the best materials for exterior gardening. Elegance, strength and durability. Tropical Timber If we have to choose an elegant, timeless, tough and durable material, we were to tropical timber. From temperate and tropical climates, this type of wood offer high strength and density.

  • April 15, 2016
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How to decorate an Andalusian patio

andalusian patios

Art, color, joy, nature … The Andalusian patios are a very important place in the homes of Andalusia. The sun and heat of southern Spain invite you to enjoy these outdoor spots. Would you like to have your own Andalusian patio even if you live anywhere else on the planet? We explain the keys to decorate an Andalusian patio that life and joy fill your home. Flowers and more flowers An element that cannot fail in our Andalusian patio is nature. If you’ve been in any town in Andalusia, sure you have a recorded image in your mind: the beautiful white house’s whose walls are decorated with hundreds of flowers art colors that fill the walls and joy.

  • February 20, 2016
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Plants to give a green touch to your home

Whatever the style of decorating your home a plant always serve to bring life and color in virtually any room. Sean indoor or outdoor plants always bring color and joy to most welcoming stay. Furthermore are magnificent air purifiers since they serve to reduce the level of dust and carbon dioxide environment oxygenating the room? A plant can fit into virtually every corner of a house. They are perfect for the foyer living room or dining room but also fit into the steps and even in the bathroom. Whatever the venue provided conditions must be taken into account light of these corners to choose the most appropriate species. If you would like to know brief information about artificial grass Chandler AZ, you could choose here. It is also important to choose the right pots as these can add or subtract to the decoration of the whole house. If the style is more modern, we
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  • October 7, 2015
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The best plants for winter

If the other day knew what plants you can decorate your home this fall today we will see what the most appropriate plants for winter, the toughest and even those that bloom at this time of year. The can plant on your balcony or terrace but have to take into account the weather conditions where you live. Other’s better stay inside by the fireplace … We see it all then. Care of plants common abroad Plants and flowers that will speak next support either cold or even frost. You must give them away as appropriate for each type of plant without wetting the leaves, always in the middle of the morning and not at night or while you are freezing. It is important to prevent puddle and if you see that morning dew will suffice for them. If you put it near a wall they will be more protected.

  • August 26, 2015
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Tips to arrange a flower garden

The health and vitality of a garden with flowers and plants may depend on several factors besides the precise amounts of water and sun. All gardeners have their tricks and we met some of the best to help keep the garden with flowers, impeccably and take full advantage. You must know every centimeter of land: A good gardener has to know the potential of your garden, that is, you must know very well every centimeter of land and herbs, which are the sunniest areas and places that are more shade and wind. In addition, to test the soil must determine its pH levels. Only then you can choose the best species for the garden and so plant them in the appropriate places. Quality rather than quantity: The beauty of plants and flowers can lead us to buy more of what we need in terms of planting. It is important to know how much space
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  • August 18, 2015
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Decorate the house with artificial flower

artificial flowers

Flowers are an essential accessory for decorating the house, whether in summer or winter. A touch of color pleased the rooms, timeless, versatile and with much style. Whether it is natural or artificial flower or stamped on furniture and textiles, nature must be present at home. So we want to dedicate this item to an essential decorative accessory: the floral arrangements. Natural flowers Having fresh flowers at home has many health benefits. Improve your mood, increase your energy, reduce stress, maintain moisture in the atmosphere and purify the air. Therefore, the flowers and plants should not be missing at home. And although the ideal would always opt for the most natural choice, if we have time to devote to plants, we can always resort to the artificial flower arrangements. But insofar as possible, it is advisable to have flowers and plants.

  • July 29, 2015
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How to start an organic garden in 5 easy steps

organic garden

Start and maintain an organic garden is not very different from a normal garden. Using common tools and processes of planting, you can experience high crop yields in your own backyard. And then you can enjoy the pleasure of eating your home-grown organic food! Therefore, we teach you how to start an organic garden in 5 easy steps. Find a space to plant When choosing a place to plant in your garden, it is important to opt for an area that is outdoors and get at least 7 hours of sunshine a day. The natural terrain planting has many benefits, including the supply of nutrients that provide great performance. And, if your floor is not in top condition or live in an area with little or no land, you can grow in a bed or pots crop.


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