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  • February 6, 2016
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How to Clean a White Sofa

clean a white sofa

White sofas can be much harder to clean than the colors of the sofas. This is because any dirt appears on a white sofa. You can choose your professional cleaning white sofa, but these costs between $ 100 and $ 200. In fact, it is not necessary to pay for something you can do yourself. There are some cheap home remedies that remove dirt and clean a white sofa. Detergent for the whipped cream linen Buy a soap box in Chantilly. Use the scoop that comes with the box and put a spoon in the bowl. Add a cup of water and mix with an electric mixer until the mixture begins to be flogged. Take your couch his bowl and use a cloth to apply a little detergent in the hunt of the couch areas that need cleaning. Rub in circular motions.

  • December 18, 2014
  • Home Furniture, Sofa
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Tips for choosing the perfect sofa to the size of your room

Ever happened to you that seeing the perfect sofa for your living room were looking for, without hesitation you went to the store to buy it, and receive it at home you realized it was too big or maybe too small? If you have never happened to you, keeps you pass these tips! Displays the sofa at home Begin by making a small drawing room, needless it in detail, do generally indicating where there are windows, doors and some furniture large (if you have one) around the site where you want to place the sofa. Then take measurements of the room and note them in the drawing or plan accordingly; do not forget that if you have a piece of furniture is also convenient to take the measures the available space between it and the place where you want to place the couch.


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