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  • March 7, 2016
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Ideas to decorate the coffee table

It is a classic saloon, in addition to chair the decoration of this space of the house. The coffee table is an essential element in any room that boasts. Traditionally located in the center of the room, this unit offers many decorative possibilities as we propose in this article. Flowers, boxes, fruit, fragrance diffusers and many other accessories that fill the life table. Take note! Plants and flowers Nature is always a great decorative solution to brighten up any corner of the house. Choose plants and flowers as a centerpiece in the living room, whether natural or artificial.

  • February 6, 2016
  • Sofa
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How to Clean a White Sofa

clean a white sofa

White sofas can be much harder to clean than the colors of the sofas. This is because any dirt appears on a white sofa. You can choose your professional cleaning white sofa, but these costs between $ 100 and $ 200. In fact, it is not necessary to pay for something you can do yourself. There are some cheap home remedies that remove dirt and clean a white sofa. Detergent for the whipped cream linen Buy a soap box in Chantilly. Use the scoop that comes with the box and put a spoon in the bowl. Add a cup of water and mix with an electric mixer until the mixture begins to be flogged. Take your couch his bowl and use a cloth to apply a little detergent in the hunt of the couch areas that need cleaning. Rub in circular motions.

  • January 20, 2016
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How to choose kitchen furniture

choose kitchen furniture

The furniture is a significant investment, especially those who are going to give a very frequent use. This is the case of the kitchen, where the decoration should be pleasant moments to enjoy cooking, but also practical, safe and comfortable as a matter of functionality. So, before purchasing the furniture and kitchen accessories, we must consider key to ensure that we make a good investment aspects. So we prepared this article to help you choose kitchen furniture. Furniture materials The first thing to evaluate is the furniture materials, especially in an environment that will support the daily grind. On the one hand we have solid wood that is elegant and timeless and also is quite sturdy.

  • January 9, 2016
  • Home Furniture
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Decorated with retro furniture

retro furniture

It reinvents and adapts to changing times while retaining that retro air that makes it so special. It is precisely this retro furniture and decor is what we are going to talk today, so that you know how to design interiors with lots of personality and reminiscences of the past. Features furniture then In those years the furniture had a compact and solid finishes. They were made of teak wood and plywood (those with a lower price). The industrial style was predominant in the seventies decor, dominated by shades like orange, brown and cream colors. The furniture upholstery covering these used to be with geometric patterns and stripes. In sofa and armchairs, the king was the sky, uncomfortable in hot weather because skin and symbol, at that time, modernity compared with fabrics always stuck. The materials Retro furniture used to wear then chromed tubular legs. Those of natural fibers like rattan or bamboo came
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  • December 29, 2015
  • Home Furniture
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Furniture trends 2016

furniture trends 2016

Industrial, sophisticated and luxurious aesthetic golden sparkles, a commitment to natural … Definitely, 2016 is full of surprises in interior design. Materials, designs and styles to suit every taste and every corner of the house. We know and we want to advance you the latest furniture trends 2016. From elegant proposals to the simplest and most minimalist pieces. You can start making room in the house! Furniture with gold Surely you remember the trends in interior decoration 2016. In this article we talked about the sophisticated and bright metallic sparkles that will be featured during the upcoming season. The brass, gold and copper also be present in our furniture, so do not lose sight.

  • October 6, 2015
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Cheap office furniture

Do you also spend many hours a day working? It is important that the place where work is enjoyable, comfortable and practical. For example, if you spend many hours in an office, you have to surround yourself with all the office furniture and accessories that make you the simplest tasks. Of course, the ideal is that these pieces of furniture are to your liking to make you feel comfortable while you work. So, if your hand (if you work from home, if your boss gives you complete freedom to decorate your room or simply you’re the boss), the best you can do is adapt the office to your tastes and needs. As we know that currently the economy is nothing to brag about, what we do today in is talk about some shops where you can find cheap office furniture. Would you like to join us?

  • August 24, 2015
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Choosing the best summer chair

best chair

It is time for beach and pool, to lie in the sun, or seeking shade, and dedicate some time to relax. If you want a lounger for your garden to enjoy the sea or you must pick it correctly. Today we will see some tips for it and you have to consider certain aspects before buying this item you can use to read while you cool to take a nap, sunbathe or simply disconnect your mind of the day. Then you see how you must look to choose the best¬†summer chair. The first considerations It seems obvious, but the chair has to be comfortable. When you go to buy do not hesitate to sit down and try it, you must feel that hugs you and picks you up, you’re comfortable in it. It is also advisable that the backrest is adjustable type, so you can change its position depending on what activity you are
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