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  • July 30, 2016
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How to Make an Industrial WoodenLamp

industrial wood lamp

Having a room retreat that is your style is something that often takes time: linens, art, paint colors and accessories, all need to come together to form a warm look, cohesion. Bedside lamps can be a tricky part of the process, such as sizes, patterns and budgets come into play – and that’s why it’s usually better to maintain a timeless aesthetic. This classic industrial wooden lamp is a quick project that can add industrial touch to many projects. Follow these few steps in an afternoon, and you can have an illuminating light at your bedside until dusk. Step 1: Drilling the wood base and attach the feet Mark the center of the timber round and a hole to the end using a drill 3/8 inch twist. Be sure to place the wooden round on a piece of scrap wood when drilling. Then turn the base wood roundabout and attach 4 wooden plugs with
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  • February 23, 2016
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Tips to maximize natural light

maximize natural light

As I have said many times, one of the most important factors when decorating any home environment is the lighting. And the light influences the perception of space and our mood. Worth mentioning the light naturally, which is not only making the most beautiful environments and makes us feel more comfortable, but it is the most appropriate psychologically. Therefore, it is essential to strengthen it as far as possible. Whether or not you lucky to have a bright house, know that there are some tricks that can help you take advantage of natural light to the maximum. Today we tell you some of the most useful tips to maximize natural light. Would you like to join us? Betting on white How could it be otherwise, we will start talking about the colors, since they influence greatly in giving or subtract light to the environments. So, it is best to go for light colors that
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  • November 25, 2015
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Ideas for decorating crystals

decorating crystals

There are many elements in a house made of glass, starting with the windows but also the doors, objects like vases, mirrors, including shower enclosures. Especially if we have many elements of this material, we can easily decorating crystals – and with very little budget-with these simple ideas that will enable us to provide a touch of character and style to our home. Decorating windows Starting from the windows, we can decorate their crystals in very different ways. Translate them both a long term decoration, to make the rooms nicer inside and, perhaps, also on the outside, or on a temporary basis. Now that Christmas is coming, it is not surprising start viewing windows in homes decorated with beautiful snow spray recreating figures. Wall stickers for decorating crystals One of the easiest ways to decorate windows is using vinyl stickers. Both black and color, we find all kinds of shapes, silhouettes and inspiring phrases
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Energy saving tips before renting a house

There are many reasons why a person can opt for a house, but in these times optimizing costs, not change, but the daily use of the new home, are criteria to consider before renting. That is why I propose that, before taking the final decision, carefully analyze certain aspects that are sometimes relegated to when signing a lease. Here we discuss about energy saving tips for before renting a house. I hope these tips are helpful for each people. If you would like to know brief information about buying home, you could choose Glendale homes for sale. Look at the thermal characteristics of the building. A well-insulated house consumes half the energy than one that is not to maintain the same internal temperature. The wall and ceiling insulation protects against cold, heat and noises. Depending on the date of construction and the technique used, its walls can have an air chamber, very effective resource
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  • January 28, 2015
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2015 Trends for home lighting

home lighting

Many people may think that home lighting is not trending topic, but it can be much more creative and original than you think. Today, we can see how lighting designers surprise us with new styles combined with past and energy efficient options. But do not waste time and will tell you what the trends are lighting 2015. # 1 Candlesticks Do you like the candelabra? Good news for you, then, because they are being super defendants this 2015. Between the trends of illuminating the House with chandeliers, we have 2 types which are the big favorites. First, small but stunning chandeliers and which can be restored and are widely used in the bedrooms or the desks. And second, bigger in size chandeliers, extravagant and luxurious, for example, the traditional very fine and beautiful chandeliers. Oh, I forgot, already not going only in the dining room, but that you can place it in the kitchen,
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