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  • July 30, 2016
  • Home Lighting
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How to Make an Industrial WoodenLamp

industrial wood lamp

Having a room retreat that is your style is something that often takes time: linens, art, paint colors and accessories, all need to come together to form a warm look, cohesion. Bedside lamps can be a tricky part of the process, such as sizes, patterns and budgets come into play – and that’s why it’s usually better to maintain a timeless aesthetic. This classic industrial wooden lamp is a quick project that can add industrial touch to many projects. Follow these few steps in an afternoon, and you can have an illuminating light at your bedside until dusk. Step 1: Drilling the wood base and attach the feet Mark the center of the timber round and a hole to the end using a drill 3/8 inch twist. Be sure to place the wooden round on a piece of scrap wood when drilling. Then turn the base wood roundabout and attach 4 wooden plugs with
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DIY Rustic Home Decor

rustic home decor

A rustic home decor gives a home a natural, outdoor activities. It is cozy and comfortable. You do not need a professional designer to create this look. Create it yourself choose elements of nature and the beating, home for decoration elements. As a general rule, anything made of wood, leather, natural fibers or stone fits well in a natural decoration. The same idea applies to colors; green, brown, taupe and cream create a natural decoration. Accent these colors with the colors found wild, such as violet, blue and red flowers for a complete look. Install wooden floors in the home. Choose wood and stains that grain and knots in the wood to show through. Wooden floors are the only option in authentic rustic home soil. They also last a long time and can be updated for future looks them over. If the wood floors are the budget, choosing a real wood laminate appearance or
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  • June 30, 2016
  • Home Decoration
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6 Ideas to maximize room space

maximize room space

Do you have a small house? In that case, our article today you interested. We explain the secret to maximize room space and make the meters multiply. The solution is to properly distribute our furniture and accessories, adapting this distribution to the shape and size of each room. You’d explain how! 1. Consider the shape of the room It seems pretty obvious but sometimes we do not consider the shape of the room at the time of purchase and distribute furniture. If the room is rectangular, it is best to place the largest online furniture. While in square or irregular stays we recommend placing furniture in an L – shape. So we take the space and visually close the activity area of the room. A good example might be placing a sofa with chaise longue in a living room square. 2. Make room for the light The well-lit rooms seem larger than they really
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  • June 11, 2016
  • Home Decoration
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7 Simple ideas for decorating the hall

Decorate the passageways is the unfinished business of many households. Also yours? Hallways are often narrow, small and dimly lit spaces, in other words, difficult corners of the house to decorate. We want to help and that is why we have selected 7 Simple ideas for decorating the hall. Practical and decorative solutions do not neglect this corner house. 1. Coat racks, shelves and hangers If your hallway is long, coat racks, hangers and other storage solutions order and are a great idea to decorate with functionality. But yes, it is recommended to use the walls to clear the hall.

  • May 21, 2016
  • Home Decoration
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Ideas to decorate cozy guest room

decorate cozy guest room

The guest bedroom in a home is an important area of any house as it is where guests spend a night or more when they go to visit you at your home. The guest room, if you’re lucky to have a room dedicated to it, tell a lot about you, your personality and how you treat people when they detail go to your home to spend time with you. The guest room, if you are lucky can have enough time to devote an entire section to this stay space, but if not, do not worry because a guest room can be a makeshift place and that does not mean you cannot be friendly enough to your guests are not like in your own home. If you need ideas to decorate the cozy guest room and becomes a cozy space. In every corner If you’re not lucky enough to have a specific place to decorate
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Easy spring decor tricks

spring decor tricks

When spring comes what we want most certainly enjoy the sun and good weather, but not only on the street, also at home. So you want to enjoy is not only when you go to the park for a walk spring but also when you are at home, do not miss the easy spring decor tricks so you can take them into account these days as spring. Put vases in your home The vases are not only for flowers, branches can also put plants in your garden or just take the vase as decoration. But to make it spring, it is best to add natural flowers that bring color and joy to your home. In your vase you can put cherry branches or any plant or tree that you think can fit in your decor. Decorative lemons Natural lemons can be very decorative and bring a yellow and very spring to your home decor
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  • April 9, 2016
  • Home Decoration
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How to decorate with bold colors

decorate with bold colors

Professionals in decoration usually always make the same kind of recommendations for home decorating: opt for a timeless decor, choose neutral shades, opt for functional furniture, do not clutter the space, and enhance the natural light… However, many times these established standards cause we cannot decorate based on our own tastes that really should be what will prevail in our homes. So today we will encourage you to risk it and leave aside everything you’ve learned so far about decoration. Actually, what we do today is talk about decorate with color bold, ideal for this time of year option, in which our homes are crying touches of joy and optimism. Would you like to join us?


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