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  • September 3, 2016
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How to remove wax buildup floor

remove wax buildup floor

If your floor is developing a mysterious layer black or brown opaque, it is likely to have a buildup of wax. Floor wax can accumulate in cracks and lows causing an unsightly appearance that hides the beauty of your floor. Learn how to remove wax buildup floor. Check that the black color or coffee is actually unsightly wax floor. You can do this by scraping the surface with your fingernail or a knife. If wax is actually see that easily scraped off. Many cleaning products have a wax that adds shine and luster to vinyl flooring or linoleum. These products protect the floor from stains leaving an almost impenetrable layer of wax above the floor, and substances that can stain it cannot come into contact with it. Several new flooring manufacturers recommend users not use wax products, since the floor has a protective finish. If the protective layer of your old floor has worn
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  • March 12, 2016
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Advantages and disadvantages of laminate floors

laminate floors

Are you planning to reform your home? For beyond thinking about the color of the walls, the furniture and fabrics for curtains, must take into account other elements of the room which, although they often do not get the attention they deserve, they have a great impact on the final result. Among them, we highlight the soil, which can make the space look warmer or cooler depending on the chosen material and can influence spatial perception. Therefore, it is important to devote to the choice of this element the time. There are many possibilities that you can find on the market, but today we speak of a type of soil which in recent years has gained much popularity due to its many advantages. We are referring to the laminate flooring which are composed of several layers, the latter being a synthetic compound that mimics different materials, although the wood aspect the most successful in
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  • February 1, 2016
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How To Get The right flooring for home

Everyone dreams of living in a beautiful home. Once you have the house, is often bewildered with different decorating ideas. It’s a good idea to start with the basics. Good flooring is the foundation of any decorating theme. So it’s crucial to get the right flooring. One aspect is selecting the right right flooring for home. The different rooms of your home you may need a different type of flooring. You have to choose the flooring for the use to the room, your lifestyle and your finances. Before reaching plans for the number of choices available on the market, it is a good idea to know what you’re looking for floor tile Phoenix AZ. Your location The location of the house is an important ingredient in your buying decision. Do you live in a warm climate or cold? You have flood or fire near your area? The study of these factors will help you
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  • August 4, 2015
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How to clean and maintain your wooden floor

wooden floor

Do you have a wooden floor and keep it clean has become a headache? In this article we will see some tips for cleaning wooden floors or platforms, as this is a much more delicate than any other type of flooring material and to maintain its gloss and appearance will be treated with care. Discover how to clean and maintain your wooden floor with these recommendations. How this type of soil washing For daily cleaning of wooden floors, we use a very well wrung mop, carrying the minimum amount of water and special cleaning products containing wood and even a dash of vinegar. Moreover, it is always advisable to dry immediately with mop for wood is not damaged by water moisture. It is better not to scrub these floors frequently.

How to attach the vinyl floor around the bathroom

Problems may arise at the time of laying vinyl floor. Therefore, we show how to attach the vinyl floor around the toilet. When placing the vinyl flooring in any room, it is very important to find the center point. At that point it is where we place the first plank or tile and from that first piece will be placed leaving the rest 30 centimeters apart. When placed in a bathroom vinyl flooring, questions often arise about how to put around the toilet, as this has a rounded shape and the tiles or slats are usually rectangular or square. To avoid any problems we can choose three options:

  • June 28, 2015
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Tips for placing Vinyl Flooring

vinyl flooring

Install in our homes vinyl flooring is one of the projects of home improvement that is within our capacity. It may seem a little intimidating at first, but once you’ve done one room, you will have the confidence to cope with almost any vinyl floor work. These floors have a long life, are water resistant, and are before the laminate flooring, hardwood and mosaic, and that dampen footsteps at higher rates. In the market there are different types of vinyl flooring, available for every taste. Vinyl flooring materials come in sheets and tiles. Its leaves come in a roll of 6-12 feet wide that is cut and adjusted to the preference of the buyer. As for the tile vinyl flooring factory you are cut, they are easier to install, come with the same size of 12-18 inches, with a thickness unchanged, with the task of giving the floor a good image.

  • March 4, 2015
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Marble, wood or ceramics: How to clean floor

Clean the floor is a daily activity in any home. We always try to remove dust, dirt and preferably after this stay a pleasant aroma in the air. We use various products, however, can damage some materials. If you have hardwood floors, marble or ceramic, do not miss these tips: how to clean floor. Marble floors Marble is widely used for floors and has the advantage that it is always brilliant, especially when there is no dust. However, we must be careful with cleaning, because the commercial products can damage; even vinegar can take its luster. It is best to use only water with a little soap (that does not contain bleach or any other additional substance). Maybe not want to smell like, but believe me not run the risk of damaging it and there are many more options to flavor your home.


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