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modern prefab homes

modern prefab homes

Although in Spain began to become popular recently, modern prefab homes there for a long time. Of course, it has been in this century that have become fashionable in many countries, including Spain, although here there are still few people who bet on them, while it is true that it is becoming a more considered choice, especially because their evolution. And it is that today you can find a variety of proposals: different styles, sizes, prices, materials… At present, modern prefab homes most successful in locations including three main materials: wood, concrete and steel. Yes, it is important to note that, in general, the wood usually more classic and elegant. Want to know more about manufactured homes modern and discover some other example? Well, all you have to do is join us! An alternative with many advantages As I just discussed, the modern prefabricated houses can be of different materials, but usually they are
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Keys cottage decor

cottage decor

You’ve probably heard more than once the cottage style, but you know what exactly this decorative trend? Inspired by traditional Victorian cottages of the English countryside, the cottage decor is romantic, rustic and classic. The cottage style we have seen on more than one occasion these majestic manors period films such as Pride and Prejudice based on Jane Austen’s novel. The perfect example to illustrate the keys to the cottage decor. You want to know more? Then do not miss the clues that we present below. Natural materials First of all, we must not lose sight of the materials play an important role in the cottage style. Triumph natural materials like porcelain, wood, cotton , wicker … That is reminiscent of nature that make the leap from the English countryside to house decoration.

How to decorate a small loft

decorate a small loft

One of the most economical solutions are residential lofts, ie apartments with one or two rooms that allow us to live comfortably without spending too much. To help in decorating a loft or apartment girls dimensions, we will give you some tips on how to decorate a small loft. Define and divide space This is the first thing to do to measure the space you have. Then you need to think where you will place the different “rooms”. For this you must think about the best distribution for areas according to the role the space you want to have there, such separate what is the bedroom living space, trying the bedroom remains in a more intimate area repaired and stay one more bright area. This separation can be done with screens, partitions or those furniture that used to border delicately. Choose a style This is critical because a certain style will give coherence to
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