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  • March 2, 2016
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Tips to avoid dirt on carpets and curtains

avoid dirt on carpets

Keep the house clean and tidy is something that many people want because it is needed to feel good. A house that is too chaotic or disorderly can stress a lot and make people not feel good at home. It is important to the furniture, the floor, the rooms and all good clean but it is not easy to be achieved without more, especially when stays there curtains or carpets that accumulate enough dust. While the curtains and carpets require special care in cleaning, we cannot deny that there is no better idea to prevent soiling to avoid having to be constantly cleaning. Frequent maintenance and proper cleaning is a good idea, you can also choose to use specialized companies engaged in cleaning the curtains and carpets so you do not have to complicate your life too. Dust in curtains and carpets Carpets and curtains if you do not have prevention into account, it
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  • February 27, 2016
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How to Choose Cheap Carpet

choose cheap carpet

If you are looking to install new carpet in your home, chances are you have noticed that the guy carpet sold in major retail stores. Depending on the model, thickness, design and durability, buying carpet without shopping around can cost a fortune. Instead of spending more money than it needs, there are several ways to find quality carpets at much cheaper prices. In many cases, you can find choose cheap carpet is new and is still intact. Visit your local carpet store and ask about any special sale discount for liner with precut carpet mats. Precut mats is used not carpeted which was returned to the store, and the carpet often precut, is in excellent condition. Find out if there is enough rugs available for the room you need is installed. Visit the carpet discount stores in your area, rather than go to the outlets. Discount stores often sell new carpet, cheap discontinued colors
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  • February 2, 2016
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Ways to make homemade carpet cleaner

make homemade carpet cleaner

Many people are concerned about the chemicals used in carpet cleaning, while others are concerned about the cost. Unfortunately, Bissell said in owner’s manuals that only Bissell carpet cleaner manufactured by Bissell homemade carpet cleaner can be used. Other products will void the warranty and cause fire and electric shock inside the machine. However, if you decide to create your own anyway, there are natural products and chemical cleaning you can do your homemade carpet cleaner. Do not forget to test first in an inconspicuous area. Vinegar White vinegar can be used as a cleaning product and is used by some to clean almost everything. Fortunately, you can even use it in a Bissell carpet cleaner. Try a first in an inconspicuous spot to check color stability.

  • December 14, 2015
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How to clean wool carpet

The only bad thing is that these decorative elements require a lot of care, especially if they are placed in rooms where we spent many hours, for example, the living room. Knowing how difficult it can be to keep the carpets in good condition, today we give you the keys to those that are clean wool carpet, which are those that provide more warmth. Would you like to join us? Advantages wool carpets We have to admit! We are passionate about authentic carpets, and even more, of wool carpets, tissue appreciated since ancient times, which is not surprising when you consider its warm and soft touch, something that is appreciated to tread barefoot. It is also important to note that woolen carpets are an excellent insulating and moisture, depending on their appearance, can make the room a touch of color, elegance, sophistication, modernity, originality … And if you have children at home they enjoy
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  • April 24, 2015
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Ideas to upgrade the living room carpet

living room carpet

One of the easiest and most comfortable ways to update the decor of any of your stay is adding a carpet or rug impressive. If you want to upgrade a large room can use more than one carpet to create Super optical effects and also, to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere at any time of the year. Need some ideas for upgrading the living room carpet? Separate spaces One of the ways we can update the living room carpet is defining different areas in the same room. It is important that the carpet that you use to do it is large enough to enhance the decor of the room or the bedroom where you stored. Similarly, before you start looking for the rug to define spaces, you must determine the size you need so you should measure the space. Do not make the mistake of buying too small or too big carpet.

  • March 18, 2015
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Great ideas for decorating with rugs

decorating with rugs

The easiest way to renew the decoration of the house is adding beautiful carpets every division. The carpets changed completely transform any environment and a more monotonous division into something dramatic and highlighting. Are commercially available in several shapes, colors, sizes and even prices. Are made-up with the most varied materials, and each has its own characteristics and provide different sensations. Definitely are a quick and easy way to add color, texture, warmth and character to any room. In this article we will show you 10 great tips for decorating with rugs. Tips for decorating with rugs Use rugs to create the separation between areas. In a room you can use color rugs or different patterns, but the same style, to create distinct areas of meal or leisure. In a room you can create a separate work area using a rug under the table where you place your computer.

  • March 8, 2015
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Decorate with floral carpets

floral carpets

The carpets with floral pattern are the most widely used for the decoration of houses. One of the main reasons for its growing popularity is that provide style and beauty to any place to which they belong. The floral carpets are also a great way to create harmony between all the colors of the room. Available in various shapes, sizes and colors, carpets also offer tremendous versatility. With this type of carpet is easy illuminate and give vibrancy to any room. They also allow making any more warm and inviting space, since the floral designs have always been associated with nature, beauty and peace of mind. Floral carpets for everyone When looking at the immense diversity of floral carpets on the market, we can see that can be done various interpretations and that there are floral carpets for all tastes available. Their interpretation of floral carpet can be very different from the interpretation of
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