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  • October 28, 2015
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How to decorate a bachelor apartment

decorate a bachelor apartment

The decoration of an apartment or a house, always focuses on the tastes and lifestyle of the people living inside. Thus, a home where a woman is likely to have many differences with another in which a man lives lives. A house is decorated with children as one in which there are no children or no children rather than pets. In this article I want to focus on how to decorate a bachelor apartment that will get the most out of every corner. Generally, single they based on functionality, comfort and design to choose the decor, so let’s see the keys to do it effectively and maximizing every resource. Minimalism wins The minimalist style is best choice for singles to every room of your home, but few items to decorate with a lot to say. Mainly seeking comfortable spaces that are only things they need, we know that men, as a rule, are not
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American Decoration Ideas

american decoration

Following the review of the different styles depending on their country of origin, today we will make a stop at the American decor, which has many variations and characteristics especially giving much importance to external but also interior details. More rural or more focused on the 50s, the american decoration is very interesting. We tell you what it is. The outside connected with the interior The purest American decorative style is one that we find in individual and low-rise house, where nature is the star through large outdoor areas that connect inland to integrate the entire surface and make it one. To do this, they cannot miss the huge windows so characteristic of these buildings, in order to fill natural light, flowers and greenery the inside of the home. In a garden with this style will not miss roses and large hedges and shrubs at the entrance with rounded shapes as well as a
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  • April 22, 2015
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Common mistakes in decorating small apartments

When we embarked on the adventure of decorating small apartments we know that the task before us is not easy. There are many ways to decorate the apartment and also several choices to make in terms of furniture and accessories that best fit the limited space available. The decoration of a small apartment needs to be well planned, always avoiding exaggeration, or run the risk that the apartment appears to be even smaller. Sometimes our choices are not always the right ones, especially when we allow ourselves to take the spur of the moment rather than begin the decoration with a concrete sense of how certain decorative element will fit with other decoration. Now check out the 5 most common mistakes that arise in decorating small apartments: Too large furniture – Use furniture that is large or very large in a small space will only make it seem cramped and cluttered. Opt earlier for
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  • April 12, 2015
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Decorating small apartments

small apartments

Nowadays more and more people live in small apartments in urban areas. Spaces that challenge our creativity and put to the test our ability to make them appear larger thanks to the art room decor. Those who live in small apartments know that only the idea of changing one of the divisions in can take several nights of sleep. Turn a small space, which does not usually offers great alternatives for effective and harmonious organization into something that identifies us, is beautiful and contributes to our well-being, can become a huge challenge. However, the small room decor need not be a seven-headed monster and even can become quite simple and fun, just follow some rules.


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