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Are you committing these mistakes while buying steam shower enclosures?

Owing to their ability to soothe aching joints and help us relax, steam showers have been a permanent fixture of gyms and spas for decades now. However, quite contrary to popular belief, it is not really that easy to install your personal steam shower. There are several factors to consider before selecting the steam shower unit. For instance, the size of the room where you’re planning to have the steam shower installed plays a major role. Needless to say, it should be big enough to accommodate the entire unit. Don’t commit the mistake of not considering the water and electrical connections. They take up more space than most of us can imagine. And this is where most of us go wrong. Listed below are a few mistakes that we commit while ordering steam shower enclosures.


Installing steam shower cabins: Don’t commit these mistakes

A steam shower combines the best virtues of luxury and functionality in your bathroom. However, you need to ensure that you’re prudently avoiding these common mistakes committed by users when it comes to installation of steam shower units. Read on to find out.


Getting back to where we started- you have to consider the plumbing and electrical connections while you’re buying the unit. Most of the users out there believe that it is very easy to take the measurements of their bathroom. If you have 1200 x 1200 mm of a corner left in your bathroom for the enclosure, then you have to choose a unit which is far smaller because the electrical and plumbing connections will take up at least 300 mm of space (and that’s a lot!). So, the unit you’re zeroing in on should not ideally take up more than 900 x 900 mm of space.

Whirlpool steam shower cabins are very popular among users who don’t really have major budget issues to contend with. However, you must remember that these tubs are usually longer than the normal tubs and should ideally be backed by 2000mm clearance from the roof. Once again—bringing a unit home without ascertaining the measurements, turns out to be a monstrous gaffe on the buyers’ part.

Buying models without shopping around

Are you in a hurry to get a steam shower installed in your bathroom? You may be. However, that doesn’t justify you getting a model home without shopping around substantially. As already indicated above, steam showers are extremely competitive units. Today, they have forayed into the personal spaces from spas and gyms. Manufacturers are constantly introducing new features to draw customers. So, it pays to shop around. For instance, touch screen is one of the latest additions to the pack of features backing steam showers today. Please make sure you’re actually not committing the mistake of checking the catalogues offered by only one or two stores and then settling for an option in a hurry. Check out at least five to six sites.

Not checking the credentials of the manufacturer

Don’t end up buying from a company only because they are offering you items within a cheaper price bracket. Do survey the quality of the product before buying as well.

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