Benefits of pellet stoves

There are still a few long weeks to the end of the winter, so it is important that we are well equipped to cope with the cold. So, if there is something you should not miss in homes during this time of year is a heating system to keep the home protected from low temperatures. One of the best options is stoves pellets, which are designed to make the most of this very economical fuel: incorporating electronics for efficient management of its high heat output optimize performance and simplify management. If you would like to know brief information about home heating system, you could choose Columbus heating and cooling.

Thanks to this type of stove you can save on heating from 50% to over 60%. But that’s not all! Pellet Stoves hide countless advantages. Do you want to know?


Great overall thermal power

One of the main advantages of pellet stoves is that it is pure biomass. This means that the fuel pellets are a granulate which is obtained by the pressing of wood sawdust and logging residues, therefore do not include glue or other additives.

More heat for less money

Another advantage of such heaters is that the pellets produce optimum combustion quality and high performance due to its low calorific residual moisture. They are also fuel economic, since they originated as waste and proximity to their production sites.


Of course we cannot forget that this is an ecological system, since the combustion of pellets produces low carbon dioxide emissions. It is considered CO2 neutral, so the effect does not feed gases. Also, you can use the ashes as fertilizer for your plants. Likewise, it is an abundant and renewable source of energy, as logging and clearing forests for sustainable management remains permanently generated are used for pellets.

Little storage

Finally, I must say that your storage requires very little space, and sold in practical bags easy to store.

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