Ideas for a home bar area

home bar area

If you are someone who like having friends in your home to enjoy an evening in good company ideas I teach you today you will like very much. It is to install a home bar area, a corner in which to be comfortably chatting with them, enjoying their company and good drink prepared with care and designed to be shared with a relaxed conversation. With these proposals, plus you get to do it in a very decorative way. Are you ready for your visitors as they deserve? Not just a place for bottles With these ideas you will not only find ways to place your decorative bottles and glasses, but get design a thought to sit and be comfortable talking and enjoying your company area. A special cabinet The first thing you can do is put a special cabinet where to place these bottles and even the glasses in sight. These two ideas are
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  • June 11, 2016
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7 Simple ideas for decorating the hall

Decorate the passageways is the unfinished business of many households. Also yours? Hallways are often narrow, small and dimly lit spaces, in other words, difficult corners of the house to decorate. We want to help and that is why we have selected 7 Simple ideas for decorating the hall. Practical and decorative solutions do not neglect this corner house. 1. Coat racks, shelves and hangers If your hallway is long, coat racks, hangers and other storage solutions order and are a great idea to decorate with functionality. But yes, it is recommended to use the walls to clear the hall.

  • June 5, 2016
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Ideas to decorate a small bathroom

decorate a small bathroom

Increasingly smaller houses are built. Something that is seen mostly in areas such as the bathroom, where harness and make the most of every available meter becomes an ordeal. Many people think that decorating a bathroom mini can be really difficult, but we know that the secret is to implement the right tips. Tricks as we share with you today to decorate a small bathroom. Take note! Colors: white, neutral and earth tones Before you start decorating, we have to worry about the basics: colors. If you regularly read you probably already know what colors will recommend you to gain space and light to a mini bathroom: white.

  • June 1, 2016
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Ideas to decorate the girls room

When decorating the room of the little house we often fall into the same old clichés. However, there are hundreds of decorative possibilities that will help not only to educate but also to stimulate the creativity of the young. Family and home environment influences the intellectual and emotional development of kids, so we must ensure that offers a nurturing environment. Imagination, creativity, security, tranquility … We explain the most important ideas to decorate the girls room. A world of color: there is life beyond the pink When decorate the girls room, almost always we think pink. Do not forget that in addition to this color, there are many other chromatic proposals available to us that we should value. Current trends are committed to unify colors that serve both boys and girls, betting on educational themes, elements that bring joy, humor and imagination.

Decorating small balconies

decorating small balconies

Thermometers begin to rise and the timid sun rays reveal more and more. Definitely, summer is just around the corner. So, in the coming months, the outdoor spaces will become the protagonists. The terrace, garden, attic, porch … It’s time to fine- tune our outdoor spaces. Do you have a mini balcony and want to take advantage of this environment? Connect the balcony inside In large cities often find homes with mini balconies. However, this does not mean we cannot take advantage of this environment outside. Rule number one to optimize the space: connect environments. The open and shared spaces help us get the most out of small rooms. Therefore, we recommend connecting the balcony with some common space, either the dining room or lounge. So you will prolong your outdoor space and much more prominence charge.

  • May 24, 2016
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6 Keys to a bedroom magazine

Sleep is our temple, the place where every night we give our deepest dreams. Therefore, we pamper with special care the bedroom decor . The atmosphere of the house has to convey wellness, serenity and beauty. But also it must be practical and comfortable as possible to enjoy a well – deserved rest. You want to discover the secrets to an ideal bedroom? In this article we reveal the keys to a bedroom magazine. 1. Do not overdo decoration Our first advice is do not overload the room with too much furniture and accessories. Choose the pieces you really need and think well where are you going to replace. Sometimes it is preferable to choose large furniture, rather than several small pieces that end up occupying more space than we thought initially.

  • May 21, 2016
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Ideas to decorate cozy guest room

decorate cozy guest room

The guest bedroom in a home is an important area of any house as it is where guests spend a night or more when they go to visit you at your home. The guest room, if you’re lucky to have a room dedicated to it, tell a lot about you, your personality and how you treat people when they detail go to your home to spend time with you. The guest room, if you are lucky can have enough time to devote an entire section to this stay space, but if not, do not worry because a guest room can be a makeshift place and that does not mean you cannot be friendly enough to your guests are not like in your own home. If you need ideas to decorate the cozy guest room and becomes a cozy space. In every corner If you’re not lucky enough to have a specific place to decorate
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