• August 17, 2016
  • Fireplace
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Ideas and tips for decorating a fireplace

The fireplaces are for the winter but throughout the year can, and indeed should, be furnished as an essential part of the room or stay where they are located. Although not give off heat in the summer months, become a fundamental part of the interior of your home, since they are often the focal point and, therefore, it is important to pay attention to your decor. Today we will review several ideas for decorating fireplace seen in a unique way that is not boring but showing part of your personality in this space dedicated to relaxation. Some of them alone are already very decorative but if it is not the case, these proposals will achieve a special touch to yours. Header shelf One of the most common ways to decorate a fireplace is drawing on the top shelf that usually have most of them. Here there is freedom of choice, although our recommendation goes
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  • August 6, 2016
  • Bedroom Decor
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Ideas for decorating small bedrooms

decorating small bedrooms

The small bedrooms are much more cozy and intimate. The problem is that the lack of space limits us enough. Therefore, before decorating small bedrooms we must take into account a number of important aspects. The color, the shape of the room, the windows … we want to help you take advantage of your bedroom with great solutions for mini spaces. White and pastel shades If you regularly read our blog, you already know that light colors help us win luminosity spaces. White reflects almost 80% of natural light. Conversely, dark colors absorb light. So, based on this standard, one thing is clear: in bedrooms mini must escape the dark colors as well as bold prints.

  • August 3, 2016
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Decorate beach house: keys seafaring decor

decorate beach house

Although we are not in summer or have a waterfront home, decorating can bring the beauty of the coast to our most intimate spaces. Do you want to refresh your decor with the most seaworthy trends? We want to help decorate beach house, even if you live in the countryside or in the heart of the city. Discover the keys to a 100% seafaring decor and with good views. Pickled wood and weathered paint Waves crashing against the rocks and the smell of saltpeter bring us a decorative trend that cannot miss in a house on the beach: wood and weathered paint. As if the salt water had left its mark on them, wooden furniture with effect pickling give authenticity to the decor. Like the slightly painting, where the blue sky blends with natural wood. Imperfect but at the same time very close we got to the stage Beachfront pieces.

  • July 30, 2016
  • Home Lighting
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How to Make an Industrial WoodenLamp

industrial wood lamp

Having a room retreat that is your style is something that often takes time: linens, art, paint colors and accessories, all need to come together to form a warm look, cohesion. Bedside lamps can be a tricky part of the process, such as sizes, patterns and budgets come into play – and that’s why it’s usually better to maintain a timeless aesthetic. This classic industrial wooden lamp is a quick project that can add industrial touch to many projects. Follow these few steps in an afternoon, and you can have an illuminating light at your bedside until dusk. Step 1: Drilling the wood base and attach the feet Mark the center of the timber round and a hole to the end using a drill 3/8 inch twist. Be sure to place the wooden round on a piece of scrap wood when drilling. Then turn the base wood roundabout and attach 4 wooden plugs with
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DIY Rustic Home Decor

rustic home decor

A rustic home decor gives a home a natural, outdoor activities. It is cozy and comfortable. You do not need a professional designer to create this look. Create it yourself choose elements of nature and the beating, home for decoration elements. As a general rule, anything made of wood, leather, natural fibers or stone fits well in a natural decoration. The same idea applies to colors; green, brown, taupe and cream create a natural decoration. Accent these colors with the colors found wild, such as violet, blue and red flowers for a complete look. Install wooden floors in the home. Choose wood and stains that grain and knots in the wood to show through. Wooden floors are the only option in authentic rustic home soil. They also last a long time and can be updated for future looks them over. If the wood floors are the budget, choosing a real wood laminate appearance or
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  • July 23, 2016
  • Office Decor
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Corporate Office Decor Ideas

decorate a corporate office

The popular education “dress to impress” is not only applied to people. This also applies to any corporate office space. The corporate office is usually where the company’s headquarters. This is where there is the task of managing a company. In fact, corporate office may be the only “face” of the company comes from members. For this reason, it is important to decorate corporate office spaces carefully, with an eye on quality and style. Although it is always good to save money, the corporate office decor is not where it should cut corners. Choose colors that reflect your business in particular. A bank or other financial institution should stick with subtle but elegant colors such as creams luminescent gray and soft. A graphic design studio or advertising should surprise and impress with bright and flashy colors. Choose a style and stick to it through the cabinets. After choosing the colors, select the style of
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  • July 22, 2016
  • Office Decor
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Thinking about relocating your office?

As businesses expand their operations, hire more staff and grow, office size tends to shrink. A large office that had room for everyone is suddenly cramped. This is normally a sign that it is time to relocate to a new office. Of course, this isn’t the only reason business owners decide to move. Other considerations such as cheaper rent, a better location or improved facilities can be the driving force behind a potential relocation. Whatever the reason, this is an arduous process that will require careful planning and execution. An unorganised moved can disrupt operations and cost the company money. Some businesses opt to hire a company that specialises in office removals in Perth while others make the decision to do it on their own. If it’s time to relocate the office, take these factors into consideration. Use the correct tools Some people tend to get lazy when conducting a home move. Boxes aren’t
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